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    Commentary: Xi Jinping, China's new revolutionary hero

    This Communist Party of China leader and Chinese president has revealed enough in his first term and in the ongoing 19th Party Congress to offer ...
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    The rise and rise of Xi Jinping

    While details of the 19th Communist Party congress are still under wraps, there has been speculation that a draft amendment to the constitution of ...
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    In China's northeast, a switch to new industries aims to revive ailing 'rust belt'

    In the second of a 3-part series from China's "rust belt", Jeremy Koh visits Hegang in China's northeast, where moves are afoot to develop new ...
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    'Vicious' sanctions will only speed up nuclear programme: North Korea

    The angry statement from Pyongyang's foreign ministry came as the crisis surrounding the reclusive state was set to dominate the annual UN ...
  5. Donald Trump

    Trump plans to visit China, Japan, South Korea in November

  6. Chinese President Xi Jinping has described the Communist Party as a "magic weapon" that

    Commentary: Sweeping reforms expected at Party Congress, but will Xi Jinping get all he wants?

    Experts predict wide-ranging reforms that allow Xi Jinping to consolidate authority. These are likely to be sweeping reforms to the CCP's power ...
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    Commentary: Why Chinese state companies are getting the Communist party's attention

    Party committees are springing up in many state-owned enterprises. The Chinese Communist Party see this as a prerequisite for state-sector ...
  8. Sun Zhengcai, Chongqing Municipality Communist Party Secretary, chats with China's Vice Premie

    Commentary: Intrigue in Chongqing again before leadership reshuffle

    How will Sun Zhengcai’s removal as Chongqing party boss impact Beijing and Singapore? Peh Shing Huei explores the intrigue behind the sudden ...