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    Commentary: The transport to and from our jobs has become another venue for work

    Working while commuting may negatively affect your mental and physical health, says one University of Leeds professor of economics.
  2. Commuters boarding an MRT train in Singapore. (AFP/Roslan Rahman)

    Commentary: Of course commuting shouldn’t count as work hours

    A survey shows more are checking and sending work emails on their commutes on the way to work and back, but that's no reason to move towards ...
  3. MRT ezlink gantry

    Commentary: Stressful and rushed but the daily commute is no waste of time

    To be sure, the daily commute is both a poison and cure, says one observer from the University of Melbourne.
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    Commentary: London Tube reduces congestion by changing small commuter behaviours

    Studying people movement can help large cities manage crowd control, especially at mass public transport hubs, say two observers from Western ...
  5. Helicopter 1

    ASIA’S FUTURE CITIES: Fight or flight - innovation to stave off Manila’s ‘carmageddon’

    As Manila’s roads become increasingly congested, more innovative solutions are being sought to loosen the gridlock. And while taking to the sky is ...
  6. (pp) Bike 1

    ASIA'S FUTURE CITIES: Can Bangkok pedal to a traffic revolution?

    With Bangkok's notorious traffic set to get worse as the city's population grows, could getting more people to use bicycles offer some respite?
  7. SBS sketch

    Artists on the move: Commute sketchers showcase work at bus, train stations

    Instead of looking at their mobile phones or sleeping, a community of artists in Singapore document their surroundings by sketching while taking ...
  8. Singapore Fringe Fest (Liz Atkin with commuter)

    UK artist gives away free art to Singapore’s train commuters

    As a way of dealing with her Compulsive Skin Picking disorder, UK artist Liz Atkin sketches during train rides and gives her art for free — and ...
  9. China Supreme People's Court

    Hopes for reprieve after Chinese death sentence outcry

    A Chinese man condemned to death for killing a village official after his home was forcibly demolished could avoid execution following a public ...
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    Wi-Fi available on board all NUS campus shuttle buses

    Data generated from this network can be used to “analyse and address urban challenges facing Singapore logistics and transportation companies ...