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  1. FILE PHOTO: Austrian lawyer and privacy activist Schrems checks his mobile phone in his office in V

    Austrian data privacy activist files complaint against Apple, Amazon, others

    Apple and Amazon are among eight tech firms named in a complaint filed in Austria by non-profit organisation noyb, which cited their failure to ...
  2. File photo of a Chevron gas station sign in Cardiff, California

    Unions accuse Chevron of 'massive' tax avoidance via the Netherlands

    International and Dutch unions filed a complaint with a global trade body on Tuesday accusing Chevron Corp. of funneling billions of euros through ...
  3. New Content Item

    IATA still pursuing complaint against Honeywell after CFM deal

  4. Asia Default Image

    Indonesia plans to file WTO complaint over biodiesel duties

    Indonesia plans to file a World Trade Organization complaint this month against European Union anti-dumping duties on biodiesel exports from the ...
  5. CASE checklist

    Buying a secondhand car? You may want to use a checklist

    The motorcar industry has seen the highest number of complaints among all industries since 2012, the consumer watchdog says.
  6. car showroom

    Complaints of cars with defects continue to rise in 2016: CASE

    About 60 per cent of the 1,477 defective goods complaints against the motorcar industry in 2016 involved used cars, the consumer watchdog says.
  7. Myanmar Bangladesh fisherman shot

    Myanmar says it killed Bangladeshi fisherman in self-defense

    A Bangladeshi security official said a complaint had been lodged over the early Monday shooting, the details of which were disputed by the two sides.
  8. Bathroom sign

    California student forced to pee in bucket gets US$1.25m

    According to the complaint, the unidentified teen, who was 14 at the time of the incident, was not allowed to use the bathroom by a teacher during ...
  9. Asia Default Image

    China users complain of combustible iPhones: Consumer watchdog

    The state-run Shanghai Consumer Council said it had received eight reports in recent months of iPhones that spontaneously combusted while being ...