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    Stockholm attack suspect admits to 'terror crime'

    A 39-year-old Uzbek national suspected of mowing down a crowd of people on a busy Stockholm street in a stolen truck on Tuesday admitted ...
  2. Asia Default Image

    India slams Pakistan over death sentence for 'spy'

    Any move to execute an Indian convicted by a Pakistani court-martial of spying would be "premeditated murder", New Delhi warned Islamabad on Monday.
  3. gunesaran

    Man jailed, caned after confessing to killing woman 12 years ago

    Gunasegaran Ramasamy, 32, confessed in 2013 to stabbing Ms Soh San to death while trying to rob her.
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    Japan teen says killed mother with hammer, knife

    A 16-year-old boy in Japan was arrested Saturday (Dec 31) after he confessed to killing his mother by repeatedly striking her head with a hammer ...
  5. Nie Shubin

    China court finds man executed 21 years ago innocent

    'Thanks to all those who helped on Nie Shubin's case!' his mother, Zhang Huanzhi, 72, said on social media.
  6. todd kohlhepp

    US man arrrested for holding woman chained confesses to 7 killings

    Spartanburg County Sheriff said that warrants were issued charging Todd Christopher Kohlhepp with a quadruple murder that baffled police and ...
  7. African black-footed penguin

    Students 'free' penguin from South African aquarium

    The endangered African black-footed penguin was taken from Bayworld in Port Elizabeth in the early hours of Wednesday last week, put in a car and ...