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  1. Zimbabwe has an elephant population of around 84,000

    Zimbabwe demands right to sell ivory to fund game reserves

  2. Francois Langur monkeys

    Six men arrested in Vietnam for killing, eating endangered monkey

  3. Elephants eat their breakfast as they listen British volunteer Paul Barton plays piano for sick, ab

    Commentary: Singapore’s proposed ivory ban would help save elephants

    Reducing consumer demand coupled with government regulations and stricter enforcement will put an end to poaching imperiled species.
  4. Wild boars

    Commentary: Why wild boars run amok in one Italian city

    Humans aren’t the only one moving into cities in ever greater numbers, says one geography expert at the University of Nottingham.
  5. The Wider Image: Saving Turkey's turtles from builders and boats

    Saving Turkey's turtles from builders and boats

    June Haimoff first stumbled across a loggerhead turtle on Turkey's southern coast more than 30 years ago. It was a chance encounter that changed ...
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    Commentary: The London Zoo helps animals with this one simple act

    Zoos can help conservation efforts assess how vulnerable some species might be to climate change, habitat loss and other threats, says one researcher.
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    Commentary: Think outside of the box to tackle water scarcity

    To truly tackle water scarcity, we need to rethink the different aspects of water management, says one observer.