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  1. New Content Item

    Commentary: Three decades on, virtual reality still a blurred vision

    The technology remains illusory despite repeated promises of game-changing devices, says the Financial Times' Michael Skapinker.
  2. L'oreal UV Sense 1

    Nail art-like sensor to help track UV exposure

  3. Xiaomi's Vice President Hugo Barra looks on in front of the company's logo during a group

    Xiaomi VP Hugo Barra leaves, returning to Silicon Valley

    The vice-president of international operations at the Chinese smartphone maker says he will "transition out" of his role in February but will ...
  4. Razer Project Valerie

    Razer prototypes stolen from booth at CES 2017

    The stolen prototypes are of Project Valerie - billed by Razer as the world's first triple-display laptop.
  5. Tanscorp UU smart robot

    Robots show their 'personality' at CES tech show

    While robots have been around for years, advances in technology and artificial intelligence have allowed developers to give them traits that ...