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  1. FILE PHOTO: A 3D printed Google logo is seen in this illustration taken

    Commentary: Why is a consumer watchdog suing Google?

    Google hasn’t been straight about how it uses our data as Australia’s consumer watchdog sues the tech giant, says Dr Katharine Kemp.
  2. The spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in Germany

    Commentary: In COVID-19 captivity, my urge to splurge is over and won’t be returning soon

    COVID-19 is changing the way we spend money, if we even spend much of it at all, says the Financial Times' Pilita Clark.
  3. dog custumer halloween

    Commentary: Half a billion on Halloween pet costumes? The US’ out-of-control consumerism

    The Palo Alto neighbourhood alone, where Silicon Valley’s tech stars live, is a sight to behold as local moguls try to outdo each other on ...
  4. Hanoi, Vietnam street

    Commentary: Made in Van Phuc, these Vietnamese silk artisans are working against mass market consumerism

    The Vietnamese town in Hanoi has specialised in silk weaving since the 13th century, Grenoble Ecole de Management's Hung M Nguyen and Marcos ...
  5. shopping mall

    Commentary: Consumerism is hitting a crisis - millennials staying away from shops

    People are buying less and are increasingly interested in experiences instead, Brendan Canavan from the University of Huddersfield says.
  6. Chinese New Year stay trim healthy calories fitness gold coins

    Commentary: Don’t stash your child’s hongbao money in the bank. Give them a chance to spend it

    This Year of the Pig, make your hongbao money work harder for you and your child, than it previously did sitting in a bank.
  7. New Content Item

    Commentary: Where did all the Chinese consumers go to?

    A slowdown in China alone has dented Apple’s earnings, says Chatham House chairman Jim O'Neill.
  8. shibuya style crossing orchard road

    Commentary: Retail therapy won’t repair your damaged sense of self-worth

    We hope our findings can help consumers understand and rein in emotional impulses that drive their shopping, say two consumer psychology experts.
  9. New Content Item

    Commentary: Who on earth still buys counterfeit branded goods?

    The allure of such goods remains strong when we measure our worth by the brands we wear and carry, says Associate Professor Sharon Ng.
  10. New Content Item

    The Big Read: Excuse me, are you a hipster? How consumerism and affluence fuelled the rise of a youth subculture

    The rise of a "hipster" culture in Singapore is shaping the country's cultural, physical and consumer landscapes.