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  1. man spa slimming entre massage

    Commentary: One man’s tale of resisting the seducing spa sirens of Singapore

    Why do people give in to pressure selling in the slimming and beauty industry? One consumer law professor explores the dazzling experience of ...
  2. generic picture of makeup

    Pressure selling rampant in slimming, beauty industry: CASE

  3. Sunblock

    Sunscreen products in Singapore found to have UV filters within 'permissible limit': CASE

    In excessive amounts, UV filters have been associated with skin allergies and other health problems, the consumer watchdog said.
  4. File photo of home renovation

    Protecting yourself against losing money on home renovations

    Among the suggestions are paying progressively, doing extensive research and itemising the quotation.
  5. CASE checklist

    Buying a secondhand car? You may want to use a checklist

    The motorcar industry has seen the highest number of complaints among all industries since 2012, the consumer watchdog says.
  6. New Content Item

    Complaints of cars with defects continue to rise in 2016: CASE

    About 60 per cent of the 1,477 defective goods complaints against the motorcar industry in 2016 involved used cars, the consumer watchdog says.