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  1. Art Basel's Asian Art gets to Hong Kong HERO

    Art Basel’s Asian art gets to Hong Kong – via galleries in New York and Los Angeles

    It’s no longer unheard of for artists from one end of the Earth to be represented by dealers from the opposite end.
  2. Southeast Asia set their sights on Art Basel Hong Kong HERO

    Southeast Asian art galleries set their sights on Art Basel Hong Kong this weekend

    There’s a strong Southeast Asian presence at this year’s Art Basel Hong Kong, now in its seventh edition, demonstrating the event’s status as a ...
  3. Art Loft affordable art singapore

    7 places to buy affordable art in Singapore

    Not having a budget for Basquiat doesn’t mean your walls should be left empty. We’ve rounded up the best sources for purchasing artworks that ...
  4. New Content Item

    New members for Singaporean artist Zai Kuning’s Venice Biennale team

    The National Arts Council officially announced the four members of the artistic production team working with the artist for the Singapore Pavilion.
  5. The Universe And Art (Conrad Shawcross)

    Outer space, aliens, art: 3 reasons why ArtScience Museum’s new show is out of this world

    From Galileo’s telescope to a “Sexy Robot”, ArtScience Museum’s latest exhibition The Universe And Art is a fascinating look at how man has ...
  6. Singapore art museum facade

    Singapore Art Museum to get S$90 million facelift

    This is the first time the contemporary art museum, which has a strong focus on works in Asia, will be undergoing a revamp since it opened its ...
  7. Ruang MES 56 (Wimo Ambala Bayang)

    'Communist' fish, water gun-toting punks at Indonesian photo show in Singapore

    Jogjakarta-based Ruang MES 56, one of Indonesia’s most successful art collectives, debuts in Singapore at contemporary art space DECK.
  8. (mm) Charles Lim kolek footage 3

    From national sailor to filming sailboats for art

    Charles Lim is documenting the forgotten maritime tradition of racing kolek, while fellow artist Dennis Tan is building one such craft from scratch.
  9. New Content Item

    A year of crowds, criticism and creativity: National Gallery Singapore turns one

    From drawing the crowds to some social media gaffes, we look back at how Singapore’s biggest art museum fared in its first year - and look forward ...
  10. 2016 UOB Southeast Asian Painting of the Year award

    Indonesia artist wins UOB Southeast Asian Painting of the Year

    "I am extremely honoured to represent Indonesia on the regional stage with this award," says Mr Gatot Indrajati, 36.