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  1. Technicians in lift pit

    1,000 technicians needed for lift and escalator sector in next 3 years: BCA

    As Singapore's built environment continues to transform, there will be more opportunities for skilled engineers and technicians, says Senior ...
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    Uber says it was not consulted on some rule changes to private hire car sector

    Uber pinpointed the rule giving LTA the power to suspend private hire car booking service operators if at least three affiliated drivers of that ...
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    UN urges US to continue 'long tradition' of welcoming refugees

    The agencies, which offer frontline assistance to millions of would-be migrants and asylum seekers, hailed the US resettlement programme as "one ...
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    Critical for Singapore to continue to have a reliable news source: Chee Hong Tat

    On a visit to Mediacorp, the Minister of State at the Ministry of Communications and Information said a reliable news source allows Singaporeans ...
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    M1's profit drops 16% on-year for FY2016

    The telco reported a 2 per cent drop in service revenue.
  6. Tony Tan arrives in Laos

    Singapore to deepen relationship with Laos: President Tony Tan

    "As a close neighbour, friend and fellow ASEAN member, Singapore will continue to work closely with Laos, both bilaterally and within ASEAN," says ...
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    IMF board retains 'full confidence' in Lagarde's leadership

    The International Monetary Fund said Monday it retains "full confidence" in Christine Lagarde's ability to continue to lead the organization, ...