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  1. cw prof jia qingguo 2

    US-China relations moving in a “dangerous direction” over Taiwan, says China expert

    China and the US could potentially end up in confrontation mode, says Professor Jia Qingguo, an academic and an advisor to the Chinese government.
  2. Con With: Jack Dorsey 2

    Twitter will exist for a thousand years, says CEO Jack Dorsey

    Sitting down with Conversation With’s Lin Xueling, Mr Dorsey chats fighting Twitter bots, taking action on widely followed personalities and ...
  3. (dp) CW coke main

    Coca-Cola to help tackle diabetes scourge, but sugar tax won't help: CEO

    CEO James Quincey admits that soft drink companies may have been too slow to offer a wider range of healthier options. He also tells Conversation ...
  4. New Content Item

    Martial law could strengthen extremist movement, warns Philippine Muslim leader

    If Filipino Muslims in the south feel threatened, dissent may go underground and find expression in violence, says the woman named one of the ...
  5. Singapore MRT May 24

    Singapore cannot stop growing because of train breakdowns, says former chief planner

    Dr Liu Thai Ker also tells Conversation With why having resale flats that go for S$1 million are “not in conflict” with the HDB’s mission of ...