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  1. Frequent flyer – is business travel dead?

    With Zoom meetings, webinars and online programmes, is business travel dead?

    We won’t need to travel as much as we did but cross-border business (and there will still be plenty) requires the crossing of borders, believes ...
  2. Singapore's social scene

    A virtual reality: What Singapore’s social scene is like in the new normal

    Virtual events look likely to be the modus operandi for a while as the world remains jittery about crowds.
  3. office workers raffles place singapore file photo 4

    Commentary: Annual performance reviews - an archaic HR practice we must disrupt

    COVID-19 makes it difficult to administer and manage the annual performance reviews in any case, so it is timely to introduce more relevant ...
  4. NVPC Tony Soh HERO

    Companies will step up CSR efforts post-pandemic, says NVPC deputy CEO

    Businesses are fighting for survival during the COVID-19 outbreak, but once the dust settles, more socially responsible companies will emerge in ...
  5. open plan office communal table office workers

    Goodbye, offices: The good, the bad, and the ugly of the modern workplace

    Offices will open again, but with new rules and with less importance. Those with most to mourn might be the young, who have the least space at ...
  6. Tips on how to stay positive and engaged while working from home

    4 expert tips on how to stay positive and engaged while working from home

    Whether you like it or not, working from home is now a reality and is likely to stick around for some time. A positive psychology expert shares ...
  7. Investment growth

    How to make your money speak volumes about your values

    For ‘woke’ investors who care about sustainability, social entrepreneurship and good corporate governance, here’s a primer on building a socially ...
  8. A JC Penney store is shown in Oceanside

    Commentary: Get ready for the great American bankruptcy

    The surge in corporate and individual bankruptcies could be the biggest that the US court system has ever experienced, say Professor Ben Iverson ...
  9. Hazel Kweh BloomBack

    How this Singapore social entrepreneur is planting smiles amid these dark days

    BloomBack founder Hazel Kweh gave up a high-flying finance job to start a floral business that benefits marginalised women who come from abused or ...
  10. Jurong Island

    Commentary: Hin Leong's financial woes suggest oil traders haven't learnt their lessons

    Hin Leong isn’t the first oil industry company to rake up a mountain of debt as the effects of previous cases linger on today, says Baldev Bhinder.