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  1. Tips for the modern boss

    Tips for the modern boss: Take long lunches, go home at four o’clock

    The traditional boss is a doer, but nothing in the typical boss’s ascent has been a preparation for strategic thinking. When doers take on ...
  2. How to wear a pinstripe suit

    The pinstripe suit is deeply flattering. Here’s how to update the menswear classic

    A narrow, low-contrast stripe emphasises the line from chest to waist, lengthening and slimming the body while adding subtle business formality.
  3. WeWork – What really deflated the most pumped-up unicorn of all?

    WeWork: What really deflated the most pumped-up unicorn of all?

    This account, based on interviews with dozens of current and former employees and advisers to WeWork and SoftBank, is the story of what happened ...
  4. Popular team-building activities The Mango Agency

    Smells like team spirit: 8 team-building activities that won't make your staff cringe

    Forget trust falls. Companies these days are swapping cliched team-building exercises for trendy team-bonding experiences such as art jamming and ...
  5. Sabrina Ho director of KS Global Group

    Why this veteran recruiter started an online career platform for women in Asia

    A strong belief in encouraging gender diversity and creating more opportunities for women in the workplace drove Sabrina Ho, the director of KS ...
  6. Four day workweek

    Happy Friday! Will the four-day workweek ever see the light of day?

    Employee happiness, work-life balance and increased productivity are some of the benefits of a reduced workweek. So why haven’t more companies ...
  7. Office snacks

    From Toblerone to matcha Kit Kats: Post-holiday office snacks and what they mean

    When it comes to choosing the co-worker treat, some describe a mild anxiety that strikes on day one of the trip. Another, overwhelmed, avoids the ...
  8. What your out-of-office email reply says about you

    Back from holiday? Here’s what your out-of-office email reply says about you

    They say you can tell a lot about a person by the company they keep – to which we’d add, examine their email auto-reply.
  9. How to work smarter and better

    Business owners, here's how to get your employees to work smarter and better

    Why are some employees already on step five of a project when others are contemplating how to approach step one? Or why is one worker never ...
  10. FILE PHOTO: A Tencent sign is seen during the fourth World Internet Conference in Wuzhen

    China's Tencent raises US$6 billion in bond sale; proceeds for general purposes

    Chinese social media and gaming giant Tencent Holdings Ltd said on Thursday it has raised US$6 billion in a bond sale, with proceeds earmarked for ...