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  1. Corporate Restart
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    Ep 13: Corporate Restart

    Opportunities for investors, as Singapore companies restructure. How a global minimum corporate tax rate could change business in Asia. Plus, ...
  2. Global tax reforms would allow countries to tax a share of profits of the 100 most profitable

    Commentary: Under-taxed profits of multinationals could fund higher public spending in post-pandemic recovery

    The G7’s groundbreaking agreement on a minimum effective corporate tax could fund important infrastructure and social services needed for a ...
  3. A woman walks along a promenade at the Raffles Place financial business district

    Commentary: The global minimum corporate tax rate is coming our way and will change how Singapore attracts MNCs

    A more realistic global minimum corporate tax rate of 15 per cent may bring it closer to global acceptance and soften its negative impact on ...
  4. France digital tax

    Commentary: Why the call for global minimum corporate tax is a bad move

    US treasury secretary Janet Yellen has called for a global minimum corporate tax, but this will disadvantage certain countries and is probably ...