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  1. Democratic U.S. presidential candidate Senator Cory Booker attends an event in Spencer

    Democrat Booker gives up 2020 US presidential race after unity message falls flat

    US Senator Cory Booker, an African-American candidate who had recently bemoaned the increasingly lack of diversity in the Democratic presidential ...
  2. New Content Item

    US presidential candidate Cory Booker proposes office to fight white supremacy

    U.S. Senator Cory Booker on Thursday said he would create a White House office to combat white supremacy and hate crimes if elected, becoming the ...
  3. U.S. Senator Cory Booker is seen during a visit to a migrant assistance center in Ciudad Juarez

    Democrat Booker unveils plan for Americans to age at home

    Democratic presidential candidate Cory Booker was set to unveil a plan on Monday to greatly increase funding for elderly Americans needing ...
  4. US Senator Cory Booker

    Democrat Cory Booker announces White House run

    Democrat Cory Booker announced on Friday (Feb 1) he is running for US president, bringing a charismatic African-American voice to a crowded field ...