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  1. teeth 3

    HSA, dentists warn against popular DIY teeth whitening kit

    The Beautiful – Cold Light Teeth Whitening Kit, contains 4 per cent hydrogen peroxide, well above the 0.1 per cent limit allowed for home use ...
  2. New Content Item

    ‘Convenience at a risk’: When buying cosmetics online turns ugly

    Authorities advise discretion in the face of “widespread circulation” online of cosmetic products - which, contaminated or otherwise, are in fact ...
  3. Clayrene Chan nail polish artist

    Cosmetic art: Fashion illustrator Clayrene Chan dips into nail polish for her creations

    The 27-year-old artist behind the Instagram account Artclaytion is making waves with her fashion sketches using nail polish and glitter.
  4. Show DC

    Korean-themed mall opens in Bangkok

    The mall has a "K-District" on the first floor which boasts street fashion, cosmetics, cafes and restaurants owned by K-Pop artists.
  5. chile seaweed collection

    Chile's 'green gold' under threat: Agar-agar algae

    Chile is one of the world's largest producers of the algae, which it exports mostly to Asia - China, Japan and Thailand. But demand for this ...
  6. Elizabeth Arden President JuE Wong

    Singaporean steers US beauty giant Elizabeth Arden’s makeover plan

    Channel NewsAsia speaks to Ms JuE Wong, president of Elizabeth Arden Brand, on how she is touching up the iconic brand’s ambitious multi-year ...
  7. Qiaobi ad

    China firm apologises for racist detergent advert

    The apology comes just a day after the company dismissed critics, who cited the advert as an example of racist attitudes in China, as too sensitive.
  8. screenshot of racist ad

    Outrage over racist Chinese detergent ad

    The commercial for the "Qiaobi" brand shows a black man whistling and winking at a young Chinese woman, who calls him over, puts a detergent ...
  9. New Content Item

    H&M to launch beauty range in Singapore by Q3 this year

    A selection of more than 700 packaged make-up, nail products and beauty tools will be brought to Singapore, the Swedish retailer says.