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  1. St Hilda's Secondary School fight

    Commentary: Focus on preventing bullying, instead of how frequent it occurs

    Whatever the picture statistics paint, we need to focus on preventing bullying, says Yale-NUS College’s Cheung Hoi Shan.
  2. mother baby

    Commentary: Honour the honest presentation of motherhood

    From confinement to returning to work, it doesn't become easier for a new mother, says KK Women's and Children's Hospital's Dr Helen Chen.
  3. Tan Chuan-Jin handing out vouchers to residents in Bedok

    Nearly S$400,000 raised by churches for lower-income households

    Minister for Social and Family Development Tan Chuan-Jin was on hand to hand out the first tranche, about S$45,000, to 449 households in Bedok.
  4. New Content Item

    Teenage suicides at highest in recent years despite overall decline: SOS

    Despite a decline in the suicide rate last year, the number of teenage suicides rose to the highest in recent years, according to the Samaritans ...
  5. New Content Item

    Attack in Nice: Singaporean, Malaysian SUTD student are among those injured

    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is providing assistance to both a Singaporean and a third-year Malaysian student at the Singapore University of ...
  6. missing boatman

    Bumboats adhere 'strictly' to safety regulations: Singapore River Cruise

    After one of its river taxis caught fire on Tuesday evening, boat operator Singapore River Cruise says its bumboats undergo annual checks and have ...
  7. New Content Item

    Peer support specialists to help full-time at IMH

    These specialists are patients who have recovered from mental illness and can offer support to existing patients.
  8. Surgery

    More people on waiting list for liver transplants: Health Ministry

    There are currently 54 people on the waiting list to receive a liver transplant, more than double the 24 patients in 2011.
  9. Japan missing boy newspaper

    Missing boy case sparks discipline debate in Japan

    While views outside Japan persist of a hard-working people raised under a tough samurai-style discipline, the reality is far more nuanced.
  10. draw blood hiv test

    455 new HIV cases reported among Singapore residents last year

    A total of 97 per cent of the cases of HIV last year were acquired through sexual intercourse, the main mode of transmission, the Health Ministry ...