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  1. Australian Joint Counter Terrorism Police

    Australian police search homes linked to New Zealand mosque gunman

  2. Pulau Ubin counter-terrorism exercise 1

    Counter-terrorism exercise held at Pulau Ubin

  3. London attack flower tributes

    Britain to unveil new counter-terrorism strategy

  4. polie patrol for holiday season

    Stepped up security at churches, not so for businesses during festive season

  5. changi airport t3

    Counterterrorism exercise to be held at Changi Airport

  6. Island defence institute 1

    New SAF institute opens to train soldiers in homeland security, counter-terrorism

  7. singapore nsmen

    18,000 national servicemen to undergo counter-terrorism training each year from July

    The move is part of a broader reorganisation of the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) to tackle the threat of terrorism, and enable national servicemen ...