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  1. Singapore currency file

    Beware of fake S$100, S$50 notes: Police

  2. File photo counterfeit luxury goods China

    Commentary: More buying counterfeit goods and knock-offs - it's costing billions and more

    Cheap, fake goods may be tempting, but its hidden cost are high, says Michigan State University's Jay Kennedy.
  3. Hong Kong Counterfeit

    Commentary: Who on earth still buys counterfeit branded goods?

    The allure of such goods remains strong when we measure our worth by the brands we wear and carry, says Associate Professor Sharon Ng.
  4. Singapore currency file

    21-year-old man arrested for using fake S$50 notes

  5. Singapore currency file

    Teacher convicted of using counterfeit banknotes to pay for sex

  6. Counterfeit items 1

    Man arrested for selling counterfeit goods worth S$53,000

    During the police raid, 1,102 pieces of "trademark infringing goods" - such as watches and watch accessories including straps and buckles - were ...