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  1. Valentine's Day celebration in Thailand

    Couples in Thailand tie the knot on elephants on Valentine's Day

    Fifty-two couples in Thailand got married while riding elephants on Sunday, in an annual Valentine's Day mass wedding ceremony at a botanical ...
  2. More couples seek fertility treatment in Taiwan | Video
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    More couples seek fertility treatment in Taiwan | Video

    More couples who are having trouble conceiving go to Taiwan to receive fertility treatment, as the island has one of the highest success rates of ...
  3. Victoria Beckham and David Beckham in 1999

    Sartorial similarity: Is it OK for couples to dress the same, or is it tacky?

    With working from home the norm, couples are spending more time together than before. And some are finding themselves starting to dress alike. It ...
  4. A couple holding hands.

    Commentary: Humour the secret ingredient to a happy, lasting marriage

    The way you and your partner use humour can shape your relationship, and even break it up, says one Aberystwyth University observer.
  5. A couple holding hands.

    Commentary: Women quit for their husbands too

    Women don't just quit their jobs to take care of their kids; they approach wifehood with the same selfless attitude, says one observer.