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  1. A couple holding hands.

    Commentary: Humour the secret ingredient to a happy, lasting marriage

    The way you and your partner use humour can shape your relationship, and even break it up, says one Aberystwyth University observer.
  2. A couple holding hands.

    Commentary: Women quit for their husbands too

    Women don't just quit their jobs to take care of their kids; they approach wifehood with the same selfless attitude, says one observer.
  3. Bali wedding 1

    Why many couples are saying 'I do' to getting married in Bali

    Channel NewsAsia’s Chandni Vatvani attended a wedding in Bali, and found out why the island is top choice for couples when it comes to celebrating ...
  4. (kc) OTRD race commentary (2)

    Commentary: Inter-racial marriages nothing special, until I met those facing challenges

    My own inter-ethnic relationship has been obstacle-free, but a documentary on mixed marriages got others sharing with me the struggles they face ...