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  1. Ep 8 - COVID19 B1617 variant
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    Ep 8: The B1617 Variant: How Worried Should We Be?

    New COVID-19 variants like the B1617 have caused a resurgence of unlinked community cases in Singapore. What is this so-called “Double Mutant”, ...
  2. Ep 3
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    Ep 3: Willie Walsh, Director General Of International Air Transport Association

    EU lawmakers recently said vaccinated travellers can soon holiday freely in Europe. As Asia regressed into new lockdowns amid a surge in COVID-19 ...
  3. Ep 7 - covid vaccine
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    Ep 7: How Effective Is The COVID-19 Vaccine?

    A number of fully vaccinated people have been among a recent wave of COVID-19 infections, raising questions about the efficacy of the vaccines.
  4. CNA+ Talking Point investigates efficacy of COVID-19 vaccine
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    CNA+ Talking Point investigates efficacy of COVID-19 vaccine

    A bite-size version of what you have missed on "Asia First".
  5. Team Pfizer vs Team Moderna T-shirts

    You Pfizer, me Moderna: Vaccine recipients declare loyalty

    A friendly rivalry has taken hold across the US, with vaccinated people jokingly professing loyalty to the brand they happened to have received.
  6. FY2122 Ep 4: New Social Norms
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    New Social Norms

    As countries around the world edge back towards a new normal amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the dating world in Israel has a new attraction - ...
  7. CNA Correspondent: Have Vaccine, Will Travel
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    Ep 39: CNA Correspondent: Have Vaccine, Will Travel

    Have vaccine, will travel. CNA Correspondent looks at whether digital health certificates are the way to go, to revive the global tourism ...
  8. Ep 2
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    The Vaccine Quest: Part Two

    The Duke-NUS team is closer to producing a viable vaccine. But creating a viable vaccine is just the first step; producing enough for everyone is ...
  9. New Content Item
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    The Vaccine Quest: Part One

    A Singapore-based team has spent the last year developing a COVID-19 vaccine. How close are they to producing one?
  10. 22 Jan 2021
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    Ep 30: Jab Justifications

    Distrust and misperception threatens to derail the COVID-19 mass vaccinations. Instilling public confidence at the ground level remains the key to ...