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  1. FILE PHOTO: A medic of the regional hospital receives Russia's "Sputnik-V" vaccine s

    Commentary: COVID-19 may become the new seasonal flu

    We don’t know how good COVID-19 vaccines will be at protecting people or how long our immunity will last, but as long as there is a sufficient ...
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    COVID-19 war chest: Will an additional S$33 billion stem job losses?

    Up for discussion this week: Singapore’s fourth budget to tackle the fallout from the coronavirus will inject another S$33 billion into the ...
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    The one about our impending freedom … but is it too soon?

    Up for discussion this week: As countries start to ease up on COVID-19 restrictions, new cases flaring up across the world suggest this is not an ...
  4. Business economy class travel noob (1)

    Commentary: Our flights of fancy have stopped but were they all that romantic anyway?

    If there’s one industry that has been crushed under the weight of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s the aviation sector. Looks like no one is going ...
  5. OTRD Covid Malaysians cleaner 2

    In vital jobs fighting COVID-19, Malaysians in Singapore wrestle with heartache of separation

    From cleaning jobs to roles supporting the medical profession, Malaysians in essential services grapple with feeling alone, scared and homesick.
  6. Lee Ray Sheng and his three managers Ye Anran, Zechary Hoe and Sheila Lim pose for the camera.

    Enough for 30,000 free meals – donations stun NTU undergrads cooking beehoon for the needy

    Since their story was published, Lee Ray Sheng and team have been overwhelmed by generous offers of help in cash, kind and service, which have ...
  7. Lee Ray Sheng, 20, packing breakfast of bee hoon for delivery to elderly beneficiaries

    COVID-19 forced his beehoon stall to shut - so NTU undergrad cooks for hundreds of folks in need

    Over a month after he opened his on-campus supper stall, this enterprising 20-year-old lost his student customer base. Now, he and his friends ...