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  1. Creative Capital - Shannon Lee

    Creative Capital: The Singaporean designer who bucks fast fashion trends

    Shannon Lee of Shirt Number White creates womenswear with thought and meaning, and "not just push out new designs because there is a demand".
  2. Creative Capital Chan Fang Lynn

    Creative Capital: The former marketer who makes plant-based homemade dips

    Chan Fang Lynn got the idea to start Loaded Gun Kitchen during 'circuit breaker' when she hopped on the vegan bandwagon out of curiosity.
  3. Creative Capital - Kenneth Fung

    Creative Capital: The Singaporean who puts luxurious finishing touches to homes

    Kenneth Fung of Lux & Beyond is the man to go to if you want fine, handcrafted Italian wood flooring, or bespoke door handles to match your ...
  4. Creative Capital Heikal Gani

    Creative Capital: The Singaporean brand builder selling yoga mats and more

    Heikal Gani has built several brands, including Sugarmat for yoga lovers, Indochino for men's tailoring needs and most recently, Lasouk for ...
  5. Mr Bucket Chocolaterie 9

    Creative Capital: The Singapore chocolatier who only works with Asian farmers

    Jerome Penafort, who launched his brand Mr Bucket earlier this year, worked in real estate and finance before getting into chocolate.
  6. Creative Capital - Loh Lik Kian and Debbie

    Creative Capital: The couple who makes ceramic tableware for Singapore's top restaurants

    If you've dined at Odette, Cheek by Jowl or Burnt Ends, you'd have eaten off the ceramic artworks of Loh Lik Kian and wife Debbie Ng.
  7. Teo Pau Lin

    Creative Capital: The food writer now baking sought-after wedding cakes

    At Crummb, Teo Pau Lin makes every single spectacular cake herself, refining her unique architecture-inspired style.
  8. Creative Capital Adam Tie

    Creative Capital: This Singapore online bookstore sells 'mystery-wrapped books' and customised poetry

    Owner Adam Tie says that all you have to do is give him three words and a backstory, and he will craft a unique work of literature just for you.
  9. Creative Capital - PINKSALT founders

    Creative Capital: This Singapore duo makes swimwear you can wear every day

    How Belinda Lee and Ng Su May of PINKSALT created modest yet stylish and versatile swimwear and resort wear that wouldn't look out of place when ...
  10. Creative Capital Fahmy Ismail Kerbside & Co

    Creative Capital: The Singapore denim label with fans across the world

    Fahmy Ismail's lifelong love of denim culminated in starting up his own label, Kerbside&Co, which is all about vintage Americana and slow fashion.