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  1. Creative Capital - Joanne Quak and Joanna Lim B1NARY

    Creative Capital: The Singapore duo who wants to dress women charting their own paths

    Joanna Lim and Joanne Quak of B-NARY are carving their own niches in the fashion industry themselves, all while working full-time jobs, among ...
  2. Mindy Chow of Soami jewellery

    This jewellery designer wants you to tell your own stories through her pieces

    Mindy Chow's jewellery brand SOAMI is beloved for its personalisation service.
  3. David Hwang, Founder of O+

    Creative Capital: The Singaporean spectacles designer who has spent his life helping people look and see better

    The founder of O+, David Hwang first started his apprenticeship at an optical store when he was just 16. Now, he runs his business with his sons ...
  4. Hayley Teo Rooki Beauty

    Creative Capital: The Singaporean who is using superfoods to keep your skin happy and healthy

    Rooki Beauty by entrepreneur Hayley Teo is a clean, cruelty-free skincare line that transforms superfoods into antioxidant, vitamin and ...
  5. Creative Capital Chia Ming Kuang InOut Atelier hero pic

    Creative Capital: The botanical architect in Singapore who makes preserved moss art

    InOut Atelier's Chia Ming Kuang creates terrariums and preserved moss installations to reconnect people to nature.
  6. Jolyn Yong, founder of vegan chocolate brand Happy Cioccolato

    This former tax consultant now makes people happy with artisanal chocolates

    Entrepreneur Jolyn Yong stumbled upon a business idea while creating chocolates that wouldn’t trigger her acne.
  7. Creative Capital Lace Zhang

    Creative Capital: The financial adviser who reinvented herself as a cookbook author

    Lace Zhang turned an opportunity to record her grandmother’s recipes into a career switch that has made her one of Singapore’s local food heroes
  8. Creative Capital - Putri Soediono

    Creative Capital: The Indonesian creating fancy fans inspired by wayang kulit

    Putri Soediono, an Indonesian raised in Singapore, is bringing Asian heritage techniques to the fore through her whimsical and memorable leather ...
  9. Arang 6

    Creative Capital: Meet the chef behind the new pop-up offering 'Modern Malay' food

    The pop-up is called Arang and the man behind it is 30-year-old Nurl Asyraffie Bin Mohamed Shukor, who is currently working at Thevar.
  10. Creative Capital - Barbara Jane Cowie

    Creative Capital: Learn the art of glassblowing with this Singapore glass artist

    Inspired by Netflix's Blown Away to take up glassblowing? Look for Barbara Jane Cowie, a Sydney-born, Singapore-based glass artist, whose works ...