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  1. 8eyedspud's Jacqueline Goh and Natalie Kwee

    Creative Capital: The witty BFFs behind the creative studio with the weird moniker

    One is the originator of The Fingersmith Letterpress; the other, a children's book illustrator. Together, they've created 8EyedSpud – and the ...
  2. Jeremy Nguee

    Creative Capital: The food entrepreneur who's re-energising heritage dishes

    Jeremy Nguee is the man behind the spice pastes of Batu Lesung Spice Company and the confections of MRS KUEH. And because of COVID-19, he's now ...
  3. Creative Capital Donovan Chan

    Creative Capital: The Singapore production company that produces TV shows that air globally

    Donovan Chan is the man behind Beach House Pictures, who produces shows like Singapore Masterchef, and the recent two-part documentary on Raffles ...
  4. Creative Capital: Liew Yu Hua

    Creative Capital: This designer-maker is carving a niche for bespoke furniture

    Singaporean Liew Yu Hua is on a mission to showcase handcrafted products that celebrate the perfect imperfections of wood.
  5. Creative Capital Sharon Ngiam of Beddoni

    Creative Capital: The working mother who wants you to reimagine your relationship with lounge wear

    Given that these are the clothes one spends the most time in, Beddoni's Sharon Ngiam wants her customers (and their kids) to put on restwear that ...
  6. Creative Capital - Courtney Arcese

    Creative Capital: The expat who is bridging worlds through videos and kidswear

    American Courtney Arcese manages a team of filmmakers from Singapore and the US, and uses her resort wear collection for kids to enable female ...
  7. Ramesh of Asmara

    Creative Capital: The food scientist whose drinks tap on Southeast Asian traditions

    Ramesh Krish Kumar's beverage company, Asmara, combines herbs and ingredients from different cultures in the region to make its line of drinks.
  8. Chef Tariq Helou

    Creative Capital: The multi-racial Singapore chef taking the private dining world by storm

    Chef Tariq Helou is half-Lebanese, one quarter Japanese, and one quarter Chinese. He is also 100 per cent Singaporean and plans to open his first ...
  9. Creative Capital - Matthias Yong

    Creative Capital: The steel artisan making space for metalwork collaborations

    Twenty-five-year-old Matthias Yong of Baremetalco overcomes dyslexia to carve a living out of metalwork. And he wants fellow aficionados to join ...
  10. Creative Capital W Rice Wine 1

    Creative Capital: The family handcrafting rice wine in Singapore with an heirloom recipe

    Danny Ng, son of W Rice Wine founder Sharon Ng, wants everyone to know that rice wine is not just a good food product, it also embodies part of ...