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  1. The spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in London

    Insurers walk tightrope of risky corporate credit

    Normally among the most conservative of investors, insurers facing shrinking returns and big future payouts are delving increasingly into riskier ...
  2. ECB headquarters in Frankfurt

    Euro zone banks expect to tighten access to credit in third quarter, ECB says

    Euro zone banks maintained relatively easy access to credit for firms in the second quarter with the backing of government guarantees, but they ...
  3. FILE PHOTO: The Federal Reserve on Mayday in Washington

    Fed's offered flood of credit so far just a trickle in practice

    The Federal Reserve's promise in the early days of the coronavirus pandemic to flood the U.S. economy with trillions of dollars seemed like the ...
  4. FILE PHOTO: Federal Reserve Board building on Constitution Avenue is pictured in Washington

    Fed's credit operation launched, but job already done

    The Federal Reserve's pledged support for exchange-traded funds may not end up costing the central bank much, but will still have the desired ...
  5. A shopkeeper sorts out goods at his shop at the Tahli Sahib wholesale cloth market

    COVID-19: India unveils major credit line for small businesses, lenders

    India's government said on Wednesday (May 13) it will offer nearly US$60 billion of loan guarantees for small businesses, shadow banks and power ...
  6. FILE PHOTO: The logo of Chipotle Mexican Grill is seen at the Chipotle Next Kitchen in Manhattan

    Chipotle secures US$600 million credit line amid coronavirus crisis

    Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc has secured a new year-long US$600 million revolving credit line, a regulatory filing showed on ...
  7. Illustration photo of U.S. dollar note

    US household debt reached US$14.3 trillion, credit standards tightened in first quarter

    American households added US$155 billion of debt in the first quarter and overall debt levels rose to a new record at US$14.30 trillion, the ...
  8. FILE PHOTO: Four thousand U.S. dollars are counted out by a banker at a bank in Westminster

    US companies paying down maxed out credit lines with bond issues: BoA note

    An increasing number of U.S. companies are selling bonds to repay lines of credit they drew down at the height of the coronavirus-induced market ...
  9. FILE PHOTO: Logo of Valeo is seen at VivaTech fair in Paris

    Car parts group Valeo drops 2020 targets, gets 1 billion euros of new credit lines

    French car parts group Valeo abandoned its 2020 financial targets on Tuesday because of the hit to its business from the coronavirus outbreak, ...