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  1. Crocodile

    Croc kills man securing boat from storm in Philippines

  2. Changi Beach crocodile 1

    Nature groups, experts weigh in on recent crocodile sightings

    Crocodile sightings in areas like East Coast Park are an unusual occurrence, but a loss of their natural habitat or small changes in the ecosystem ...
  3. National Sailing Centre

    National Sailing Centre suspends water activities after crocodile sighted at East Coast Park

  4. Sri Lanka search croc

    British journalist in Sri Lanka croc attack 'drowned'

  5. Croc Phuket beach

    3m-long crocodile seeks 'forever home' after being captured near Phuket tourist beach: Report

    A huge 3m-long crocodile has been captured in Phuket, Thailand following a two-day hunt, local media reported on Friday (Sep 1).
  6. Changi Beach crocodile 1

    Warning signs put up after crocodile spotted at Changi Beach

  7. Lee De Paauw hospital bed

    Australian attacked by crocodile after jumping into river to impress girl

    Lee De Paauw had jumped into the croc-infested Johnstone River to impress British backpacker Sophie Paterson.
  8. crocodile stoned in Tunisia zoo

    Crocodile stoned to death at Tunisia zoo

    A group of visitors at a Tunisia zoo has stoned a crocodile to death, authorities in the capital said Wednesday, denouncing the "savage" act.