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  1. FILE PHOTO: People walk in a shopping zone in downtown Havana

    Cuba, with one of highest inmate populations, pardons 2,604

  2. CNA Lifestyle

    Cubans seek to revive little-known tango legacy

  3. A general view of a session of the National Assembly in Havana

    Cuba passes law to improve governance that keeps one-party system

    Communist-run Cuba passed a new electoral law on Saturday that restructures governance including creating the role of prime minister and ...
  4. FILE PHOTO: Dancers perform at the closing ceremony of a tourism fair in Havana

    Cuba sees tourism dropping 8.5per cent due to Trump travel restrictions

    Tourism to Cuba will likely drop 8.5per cent this year in the wake of tighter U.S. restrictions on travel to the Caribbean island, the government ...
  5. John McAfee smokes a cigarette before taking a taxi at the Marina Hemingway in Havana

    Fugitive US tech guru: Cryptocurrency is next Cuban revolution

    On the run from U.S. tax authorities, tech guru John McAfee puffs a cigar aboard his towering white yacht in a Havana harbor and says he can help ...
  6. FILE PHOTO: Vegetable sellers wait for clients on a street market in downtown Havana

    Cuba studying cryptocurrency as part of economic crisis measures

    Cuba's Communist government said on Tuesday it was studying the potential use of cryptocurrency as part of a series of measures to boost its ...
  7. FILE PHOTO: A Venezuelan soldier controls the traffic as motorists wait to pump gas into their cars

    Why the military still stands by Venezuela's beleaguered president

  8. Independent Cuban video clip director Joseph Ross works on his desk prior to an interview in Havana

    Cuba legalizes independent movie-making

    Cuba's Communist government on Thursday issued a decree legalizing the country's independent movie industry in a move that should facilitate ...
  9. CNA Lifestyle

    Cuba's first 'sex shop' tackles taboos, fuels legalization calls