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  1. What to eat in Barcelona

    What to eat in Barcelona: A food lover’s guide to the city's culinary delights

    There's a bounty of gourmet offerings at this popular destination, so after checking out the famous Sagrada Familia, we suggest eating your way ...
  2. Ferran Adria

    World's top chef doesn't want to go back into the kitchen

  3. (kc) Singapore Review 2016

    A year in which Singapore embraced a broader meaning of success?

    We learnt to celebrate our non-academic successes on the world stage, but now it’s time to reinvent ourselves for the changing job market too, say ...
  4. New Content Item

    Michelin-starred soya sauce chicken stall to open restaurant

    The air-conditioned restaurant at 78 Smith Street is expected to open by mid-November, says chef Chan Hon Meng.
  5. culinary olympics: garden in the city

    What Singapore cooked up to win double gold at the Culinary Olympics

    Feast your eyes on the dishes that made Singapore the cream of the crop at the Culinary Olympics 2016.