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  1. A border guard accidentally started a giant fire in Arizona in 2017 at a gender reveal party by

    Boy or girl? US parents go too far in gender reveals

    A plane crash in Texas, a deadly explosion in Iowa, a massive fire in Arizona - elaborate baby gender reveal parties, a growing trend among ...
  2. myanmar hot air balloon (4)

    Flames and fireworks as Myanmar fire balloon fest opens

  3. Malay house 10

    Preserving Malaysia’s traditional houses, one pillar at a time

  4. Star Wars wayang kulit

    Traditional shadow puppetry with a modern twist revives dying interest in Malaysia

    The future of Wayang Kulit Kelantan is uncertain, especially when the state government has imposed a ban.
  5. A newly-wed couple is blessed by a priest during a mass wedding in Kuala Lumpur

    99 Malaysian couples tie the knot in mass ceremony on auspicious day

  6. “Growing up here is special," says Daniel, even if being Jewish is “very hard" owing to Jewish laws.

    From special haircuts to speaking Hebrew, how Jews live in Singapore

    Whether they follow the orthodox code or are less strict, they are redefining, adapting and embracing Jewish life the Singaporean way. The series ...
  7. I am Eurasian and Singaporean – same same

    Commentary: I am Eurasian and Singaporean – same same

    Mistaken for a Filipino or a Thai before, Julia D’Silva says Eurasians embody what Singapore is – a melting pot of cultures.
  8. waterfront theatre 4

    S$9 million more to be raised for Esplanade Waterfront Theatre

  9. travelling, woman pulling luggage

    Commentary: Want to be a better person? Travel more

    Travelling can change your perspective of the world, says associate professor in marketing at ESCP Europe, Hector Gonzalez-Jimenez.