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  1. I am Eurasian and Singaporean – same same

    Commentary: I am Eurasian and Singaporean – same same

    Mistaken for a Filipino or a Thai before, Julia D’Silva says Eurasians embody what Singapore is – a melting pot of cultures.
  2. Once an indispensable part of daily life in Japan, ultra-thin washi paper was used for everything

    Skin deep: Japan's 'washi' paper torn by modern life

    Once an indispensable part of daily life in Japan, ultra-thin washi paper was used for everything from writing and painting to lampshades, ...
  3. waterfront theatre 4

    S$9 million more to be raised for Esplanade Waterfront Theatre

  4. travelling, woman pulling luggage

    Commentary: Want to be a better person? Travel more

    Travelling can change your perspective of the world, says associate professor in marketing at ESCP Europe, Hector Gonzalez-Jimenez.
  5. Lin Heung Tea House is one of Hong Kong's oldest teahouses serving traditional dim sum.

    Commentary: A vanishing century-old tea house in Hong Kong, as heritage gives way to wealth

    The tea house is set to close in end February, because the landlord has refused to renew its lease, in a district that increasingly caters to the ...
  6. India Art fair 2018

    Commentary: When contemporary art becomes a tool of soft power competition

    The two rising powers in Asia, China and India, are using art as a means to win over investors and the global intelligentsia, says Associate ...
  7. lee hsien loong at wisma geylang serai (1)

    Social and cultural heritage hub Wisma Geylang Serai officially opens

  8. Lucy Liu Shubigi Rao Singapore (3)_mod

    Lucy Liu in Singapore: Art, Charlie’s Angels and picking things up on the street

    The American actress shows off her artistic side in a joint exhibit at the National Museum of Singapore with Singaporean artist Shubigi Rao.
  9. Minimalism exhibit Singapore Peter Kennedy_Neon Light Installations_1_mod

    Minimalism exhibit in Singapore: What does Calvin Klein have to do with a piece of rock?

    The National Gallery Singapore and ArtScience Museum’s new blockbuster show looks at the history of one of the most important art movements of the ...
  10. young people shoes

    Commentary: Stop talking about the millennials already

    The label is overused, growing old, and creates tensions, says Financial Times' Gillian Tett.