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    Ep 1: Relationship Matters

    A difference in age gap and opinions emerge in different teams of hawkers as they cook up scrumptious Nasi Briyani, Oyster Omelette, Snakehead ...
  2. Ep 2
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    Ep 2: Old Tastes

    Succulent cuttlefish transformed from its cardboard, sun-dried self and artisanal hand-stuffed Chinese sausages bursting at the seams. Take a peek ...
  3. Meet the 76-year-old who makes Mid-Autumn Festival lanterns by hand
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    Meet the 76-year-old who makes Mid-Autumn Festival lanterns by hand

    For the last 40 years or so, Wong Choo Koh has made traditional cellophane lanterns for the Mid-Autumn Festival celebration by hand. Now 76, the ...
  4. Gitanjali and her husband, Vijaya Kumar, got married last month with help from a matchmaker.

    Why some Singaporeans still turn to Indian matchmakers — but for how long more?

    The tradition lingers, even with dating apps around. But in Singapore, it is not all like what a recent Netflix series portrays. And the relevance ...
  5. Cultural appropriation of food

    Is culinary cultural appropriation a thing in multi-ethnic Singapore?

    Our culinary classics are a rojak unto themselves. So when does inspiration turn into appropriation?
  6. Virus threatens Chinese Tradition of Chopsticks

    Virus threatens Chinese traditions of chopsticks and family-style meals

    China’s government is promoting using serving utensils to help curb spreading the coronavirus, but resistance is strong – sharing food with ...