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  1. Cultural appropriation of food

    Is culinary cultural appropriation a thing in multi-ethnic Singapore?

    Our culinary classics are a rojak unto themselves. So when does inspiration turn into appropriation?
  2. Virus threatens Chinese Tradition of Chopsticks

    Virus threatens Chinese traditions of chopsticks and family-style meals

    China’s government is promoting using serving utensils to help curb spreading the coronavirus, but resistance is strong – sharing food with ...
  3. FILE PHOTO: Leading Austrian Green Party candidate Ulrike Lunacek is seen in a Vienna TV studio aft

    Austria's junior minister for culture first to quit over coronavirus fall-out

    The coronavirus pandemic claimed its first political scalp in Austria as the junior minister for culture quit under pressure from theatre ...
  4. Metropolitan Museum of Art

    Culture from the couch: Museum tours, concerts and plays to enjoy from home

    From Paris to London, New York to Berlin, experience the best museums, Broadway plays and music concerts – all without leaving the house.
  5. Singapore indie gaming company BattleBrew Productions' team having fun

    Commentary: Why every company needs a Chief Fun Officer

    It is likely to be a key ingredient in the war for talent going forward, says David Allen.
  6. Singular they voted word of the decade

    The singular 'they' has been voted Word of the Decade by US linguists

    According to word experts, the decade was marked by the growing use of third-person plural pronouns as a singular form.
  7. Star Wars wayang kulit

    Traditional shadow puppetry with a modern twist revives dying interest in Malaysia

    The future of Wayang Kulit Kelantan is uncertain, especially when the state government has imposed a ban.