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  1. The world's largest currency hoard rose to $3.01 trillion, data from the People's Bank of

    Commentary: If China changes its exchange-rate regime, the US dollar is in trouble

    The Chinese authorities will probably someday stop pegging the yuan to a basket of currencies and allow the exchange rate to fluctuate much more ...
  2. FILE PHOTO: Anthony Scaramucci, Founder and Co-Managing Partner at SkyBridge Capital, speaks during

    Bitcoin can prosper without becoming a major currency: SkyBridge's Scaramucci

    Bitcoin doesn't need to become a widely-used form of payment to succeed and could prosper solely as a store of value, SkyBridge Capital founder ...
  3. FILE PHOTO: The logo of the Bitcoin digital currency is seen in a shop in Marseille

    MicroStrategy to borrow US$600 million to buy more bitcoin

    Major bitcoin corporate backer MicroStrategy will borrow US$600 million to buy more of the currency, it said on Tuesday, as the cryptocurrency ...
  4. FILE PHOTO: U.S. one hundred dollar notes are seen in this picture illustration

    Currency hit to North American companies dropped in third quarter: Kyriba

    The negative impact of currency fluctuations on North American company results fell sharply in 2020's third quarter, reversing an upward trend, ...
  5. FILE PHOTO: New foreign currency outlets in Cuba irritate locals earning in pesos

    Cuba to drop its dual currency system on Jan 1

    Cuba's president to drop its dual currency system Jan. 1
  6. A trader shows U.S. dollar notes at a currency exchange booth in Peshawar

    Dollar weakening expected to last into 2021 as risky bets remain

    The dollar's weakening is likely to last at least another six months as investors continue to shift to risky assets and higher returns, a Reuters ...
  7. Police looking into moneychangers dealing fake Myanmar currency | Video
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    Police looking into moneychangers dealing fake Myanmar currency | Video

    This comes after two Singaporeans were arrested in Yangon last week for allegedly using fake Myanmar currency, which they said was obtained from ...
  8. Currency Outlook
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    Ep 24: Currency Outlook

    Is the greenback on its way down, and what does it mean for you? Why dirty money is still circulating around the world, and where it might come from.