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  1. The yuan is not freely convertible and the Chinese government limits its movement against the US

    China's yuan sinks to lowest in 11 years amid trade tension

  2. FILE PHOTO: Chinese 100 yuan banknotes in a counting machine while a clerk counts them at a branch

    Volatility in China's yuan due to escalating US trade friction: PBOC official

    Volatility in China's yuan since August is a normal market reaction to escalating trade frictions stoked by the United States and was caused, to ...
  3. FILE PHOTO: Illustration picture showing U.S. dollar and China's yuan banknotes

    Commentary: Who’s manipulating who in this China-US currency war?

    The US risks overstepping and becoming a currency manipulator itself, says Lowy Institute's Roland Rajah.
  4. Illustration photo of US Dollar and China Yuan notes

    Commentary: How real is the threat of a US-China currency war?

    The US has labelled China a currency manipulator. Were Beijing to sell off its Treasury holdings in retaliation, extreme market volatility would ...
  5. Traders work on the floor at the NYSE in New York

    Global stocks tumble on escalating US-China trade war

  6. Beijing has already committed to buying more US soybeans, which are used to feed pigs, as well as

    China firms stop purchases of US farm produce