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  1. Currency Outlook
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    Ep 24: Currency Outlook

    Is the greenback on its way down, and what does it mean for you? Why dirty money is still circulating around the world, and where it might come from.
  2. A woman counts US$100 bills at her home in Buenos Aires

    Commentary: The US dollar's position is safe - but only for now

    The greenback’s recent weakness is driven by shorter-term cyclical factors but in the long-run, the situation is more complicated, says economist ...
  3. US dollar

    Commentary: The larger implications of a low US dollar

    The US currency is the most valuable in the world and when it slides, everyone takes notice. Its new lows since COVID-19 hit is a sign of a larger ...
  4. A Picture and its Story: Capturing a Beirut rescue

    Commentary: How Beirut’s port explosion worsens Lebanon’s economic crisis

    The collapse of the Lebanese pound means imports have become very expensive while inflation is skyrocketing, says Hannes Baumann.
  5. FILE PHOTO: A customer counts his cash at the register while purchasing an item at a Best Buy store

    Commentary: COVID-19 is an opportunity to move away from cash

    The post-pandemic world will move very fast in payments technologies and central banks must lead the way, says Professor Kenneth Rogoff.
  6. FILE PHOTO: A picture illustration shows a 100 Dollar banknote laying one Dollar banknotes

    Currency hit to North American companies' results rises to US$10.8 billion

    The negative impact of currency fluctuations on North American companies' first-quarter results rose from the preceding quarter but was well below ...
  7. FILE PHOTO: Four thousand U.S. dollars are counted out by a banker at a bank in Westminster

    King dollar's decline ripples across the globe

    An accelerating decline in the U.S. dollar is reverberating around the world, adding fuel to a global momentum rally that has boosted prices for ...
  8. FILE PHOTO: A woman counts U.S. dollar bills at her home in Buenos Aires

    Dollar, safe-haven currencies buoyed by US COVID-19 anxiety

    The dollar and other safe-haven currencies were well bid on Friday after a surge in new coronavirus cases in the United States further undermined ...