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  1. Asia Default Image

    Anwar's office, social media accounts hit by cyberattack

  2. FILE PHOTO: Projection of cyber code on hooded man is pictured in this illustration picture

    State-sponsored cyberattacks on banks on the rise: Report

    Cyberattacks on financial institutions are increasingly being linked to nation-states, resulting in destructive and disruptive damages rather than ...
  3. Illustration file picture shows a man typing on a computer keyboard in Warsaw

    The Big Read: As more cyberattacks loom, Singapore has a weak ‘first line of defence’

    Collaboration between governments, educational institutions, professional bodies and enterprises is needed, but companies and individuals can also ...
  4. FILE PHOTO: A man takes part in a hacking contest during the Def Con hacker convention in Las Vegas

    Commentary: A safer online playground powered by hackers

    What businesses and government bodies need is a paradigm shift to expose cybersecurity systems to the outside and enlist hackers to exploit ...
  5. SingHealth polyclinics

    'Customised, uniquely tailored' malware not seen elsewhere used in SingHealth cyberattack

  6. Madeleine Albright at FireEye event

    Internet ‘bucking bronco’ needs a saddle: Former top US diplomat Madeleine Albright

    US' first female Secretary of State recommends countries sit down at the table to thrash out acceptable international rules, including what ...
  7. chai sze chun

    COI for SingHealth cyberattacks: Officer took initiative to investigate even though it was not his job

    Among the witnesses who took the stand on Tuesday (Sep 25) was IHiS officer Chai Sze Chun, who was commended by Solicitor-General Kwek Mean Luck ...
  8. SingHealth polyclinics

    COI for SingHealth cyberattack: IT gaps, staff missteps contributed to incident, says Solicitor-General

  9. New Content Item

    Commentary: SingHealth data breach should give us pause to think what else might be vulnerable

    As databases become more valuable, they will naturally attract the attention of hackers who wish to exploit them for commercial gain or other ...