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  1. Ep 3
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    Ep 3: Trouble On The Mekong

    We investigate why Cambodia's new hydropower dams on the Mekong River are leaving fishing and farming communities high and dry. Will climate ...
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    Ep 1: Bangladesh's Delta Disaster

    We investigate why thirds of the low-lying plains of Bangladesh go under water by monsoon floods, turning millions of residents into climate refugees.
  3. FILE PHOTO: Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed speaks during a media conference at the Elysee Pala

    Ethiopia says it will not cave to 'aggression' in dam dispute

    Ethiopia said on Saturday that threats of any kind towards resolving a dispute with its neighbours over the filling and operation of a massive ...
  4. Aerial view shows the flooded Yangshuo town by the overflowing Li River

    Dam collapse in China could point to a 'black swan' disaster

    The dam at a small reservoir in China's Guangxi region gave way last month after days of heavy rain in a collapse that could be a harbinger of ...
  5. Buddha statue is seen overlooking docked scattered boats on dried up tributary that connects to the

    Fishermen without fish as Cambodia's river reversal runs late

    Crucial water flows to the Tonle Sap, Southeast Asia's largest lake, have been delayed for a second consecutive year according to river experts, ...
  6. Men construct a fishing boat on a beach at Lake Turkana, near the town of Kalokol, Turkana county

    Kenya fishermen say they are squeezed by Ethiopian mega-dam

    Fishermen on the shores of Kenya's Lake Turkana, the world's biggest desert lake, have no doubt about what is to blame for their dwindling fish ...
  7. The Wider Image: Fears at Nile's convergence in Sudan that new dam will sap river's stren

    Wider Image: Fears at Nile's convergence in Sudan that new dam will sap river’s strength

    At an open-air, riverbank factory where the Blue Nile and White Nile meet in Sudan, Mohamed Ahmed al Ameen and his colleagues mould thousands of ...