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  1. Power1

    Fledgling Cambodian solar industry sees glimpse of light

    Cambodia is trailing its neighbours in encouraging alternative power sources to reduce the strain on its environment. In the final part of a ...
  2. Sesan2

    Rural Cambodian villagers defiant in face of looming hydropower flood

    As construction of Cambodia’s massive hydropower dam project, the Lower Sesan 2, continues to intensify, some local communities are making a final ...
  3. (pp) Dam rules 1

    Regulatory shortcomings open the way to more Mekong dams

    Plans for more dams along the Mekong are causing concern among environmentalists and pressure groups. But the body tasked with overseeing such ...
  4. (pp) Dam Capitalism 1

    'Vicious capitalism' speeds up completion of first mainstream dam in Lower Mekong

    Like many hydropower projects, the Xayaburi Dam in northern Laos comes with pros and cons. In her 1,800-kilometre journey across Thailand and ...
  5. Dolphin4

    Endangered dolphins at risk as controversial Don Sahong dam takes shape

    There are only a handful of endangered Irrawaddy dolphins left in a section of the Mekong River alongside the site of one of the region’s most ...
  6. (pp) Dam Tech 1

    Xayaburi dam: 'Testing ground for untried technologies'

    In 2019, the first dam on the Lower Mekong will be completed. While environmentalists fear it will threaten fisheries and communities, the Lao ...