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  1. CNA Lifestyle

    Masked dance tradition rises from near extinction in Cambodia

  2. Tennis - ATP Finals

    It's not just power as agile Anderson dances past Thiem

    For a man standing six-foot-eight, the 13 aces Kevin Anderson sent down against Dominic Thiem could perhaps be expected on the reasonably quick ...
  3. Phil santa 2

    Santa traffic cop sleighs it with Manila dance routine

  4. (pp) Gay dancer1

    Cambodia's ancient dance gets modern all-male makeover

    A Cambodian male dance troupe is breathing new life into Khmer classical dance, an ancient art form on the brink of extinction in modern Cambodia.
  5. Eisa Jocson (Macho Dancer)

    This female Filipino dancer breaks stereotypes with a male striptease act

    Dance artist Eisa Jocson’s provocative gender-bending performance Macho Dancer will be shown at the Esplanade’s da:ns Festival.
  6. Art and Technology (Choy Ka Fai's Dance Clinic 3)

    From social media to dance robots, technology takes centre stage at these shows

    The unusual Dance Clinic at da:ns Festival features a “female” artificial intelligence system, while The Necessary Stage’s new show Sanctuary ...
  7. Esplanade (15 light up)

    5 ways the Esplanade has made an impact on Singapore’s arts scene

    After 15 years, the arts centre is now asking the public to help in its next stage of development. But has it done enough to prove its worth? We ...
  8. New Content Item

    Sheeran's 'Shape of You' most streamed ever on Spotify

  9. (nc) Roland Hong Kong artisan 2

    Hong Kong's master craftsmen keep traditions alive in lead-up to Chinese New Year

    Hong Kong's glory days of paper craft - the making of lanterns and paper decorations - may be long gone, but master craftsmen are still keeping ...