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  1. Security company Certis launches new S$10 million training facility | Video
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    Security company Certis launches new S$10 million training facility | Video

    Certis' new S$10 million corporate university will offer courses for workers in the sector to upgrade their skills, with students using tools such ...
  2. ICA BioScreen-Multi Modal Biometric Screening System

    ‘Policing needs to get better’: Josephine Teo highlights 3 areas that could help crime-fighters

    Biometrics, data analytics and digital forensics are mentioned as areas that could help international crime-busters better do their jobs.
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    Data analytics usage may get boost with proposed changes to Copyright Act

  4. YCAB Foundation's digital literacy programme teaches youth to assess whether a story is correct.

    Commentary: Our society needs more data knights in shining armour

    The use of data can improve our lives in many ways, but the human ability to understand what to look out for will remain key to unlocking its ...
  5. Monetary Authority of Singapore MAS

    MAS, finance industry to develop guide on use of AI, data analytics

    The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) announced on Monday (Apr 2) that it will be producing a guide for the use of Artificial Intelligence ...
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    Commentary: Wanted – a new generation of accountants

    Facing a new wave of automation, young accountants must redefine their role and their value-add to their company, say three Singapore Management ...