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  1. NRIC 01_mod

    Collection of NRIC details: Security, building management providers grapple with costs, time needed to change

    Most cite the costs needed to upgrade existing verification systems as a key consideration ahead of the September 2019 deadline to stop collecting ...
  2. Facebook Guy Rosen

    Facebook Forums to discuss community standards will be held in Singapore ‘this year’: VP

    Vice-president for product management Guy Rosen says it intends to engage with civil society organisations like the Media Literacy Council, AWARE ...
  3. New Content Item

    Data privacy watchdog proposes new law to merge rules on spam, unsolicited calls

  4. New Content Item

    Facebook data sharing: Little understanding of pervasiveness of data in people's lives, experts say

    NUS Business School lecturer Alex Capri says CEO Mark Zuckerberg's two-day congressional appearance shows how little lawmakers and the general ...
  5. New Content Item

    Commentary: Social media data gatherers should be regulated like financial advisers

    Facebook and Twitter hold and use assets that belong to their customers, says one observer from the Financial Times.
  6. New Content Item

    Commentary: Hooked and unable to pull the plug on Facebook? We've been there

    Social media provide shortcuts to things we yearn for, like connection and validation, say four observers from Pennsylvania State University.
  7. New Content Item

    Commentary: Curb Facebook? Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater

    Social media gathering of our data has been a force for good in some areas, says one observer from NTU’s Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and ...
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    Majority of responses 'supportive' of mandatory data breach notification: PDPC

    A mandatory data breach notification regime was one of the proposed changes to the Personal Data Protection Act.