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  1. woman sad phone

    Commentary: Did your relationship fail to survive COVID-19? Here’s how to move on

    When a relationship isn't stable or defined yet, it’s ill-equipped to deal with the hurdle of time and distance apart, says dating guru Cherlyn Chong.
  2. online dating men women standards 5

    Commentary: Why sparks could fizzle after meeting your Zoom date in person

    People dating online during quarantine have essentially been flying blind, says an observer.
  3. Tinder CEO story HERO

    Swipe and socialise: Tinder’s CEO shares how COVID-19 changed the dating game

    If you thought the pandemic has brought the art of casual encounters to a standstill, think again. No one can meet up physically but they can just ...
  4. woman using phone

    Commentary: Digital dating and why my love life is flourishing under lockdown

    A conversation with someone sitting in their kitchen, living room or bedroom is intimate in a way that a first drink in a loud bar can never be, ...
  5. Colleagues in the office

    Commentary: When did LinkedIn become a dating site? Two rules to navigate this new challenge

    Making a match might be difficult in tiny Singapore, but please keep the pick-up lines and date invites out of work-related interactions, says ...
  6. FILE PHOTO: Photo illustration of dating app Tinder shown on an Apple iPhone

    Commentary: Tinder's new safety features won't prevent all sorts of abuse

    Dating app Tinder's new safety measures, while undoubtedly an improvement, rely on actions Tinder will take to tackle problematic user behaviour, ...
  7. New Content Item

    Commentary: McDonald’s and the perils of wooing at work

    Companies are tightening their policies on office romances and sexual misconduct finally, says the Financial Times' Brooke Masters.
  8. Photo illustration of dating app Tinder shown on an Apple iPhone

    Tinder breaks into scripted original content, wraps filming first video series: Source

    Popular dating app Tinder has wrapped filming on its first television series, as owner Match Group Inc seeks to dive deeper into creating ...