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  1. dating app women pexels

    This dating app just added 15 Singapore-specific questions to help you find love

    OkCupid asks: "Would you rather have a child first or your own place first?" and "Do you think you are more kiasu or kiasi?"
  2. Has the pandemic changed dating forever? HERO

    Has the pandemic changed the way people date forever? Being vaccinated matters

    For some Americans, the coronavirus brought on fears too distressing to shake off, even after inoculation. Other single people said the long ...
  3. Lunch actually Violet Lim HERO

    How Tinder and K-dramas changed dating preferences in Singapore

    After 17 years, Lunch Actually is still playing Cupid. We sit down with co-founder and CEO Violet Lim to find out where the company is at now, and ...
  4. marriage holding hands

    Commentary: Rise in online dating during pandemic may see more serious relationships, marriages in next few years

    COVID-19 has enhanced our need for social connection while making it more difficult to do so. Online dating and the formation of romantic ...
  5. Gangnam Insider's Picks
    Media playtime

    Ep 37: Unique Dating in Gangnam

    Turn an ordinary date into a magical experience by exploring the most popular couple’s venues in Gangnam. 
  6. what is the biggest turn off in dating profiles

    Commentary: There is rarely a right time to talk about your mental health when you’re dating – but do it anyway

    Being upfront with the people you date at the start might scare them off – or it can create a strong foundation for the relationship. The trick is ...
  7. woman sad phone

    Commentary: Did your relationship fail to survive COVID-19? Here’s how to move on

    When a relationship isn't stable or defined yet, it’s ill-equipped to deal with the hurdle of time and distance apart, says dating guru Cherlyn Chong.
  8. online dating men women standards 5

    Commentary: Why sparks could fizzle after meeting your Zoom date in person

    People dating online during quarantine have essentially been flying blind, says an observer.
  9. Tinder CEO story HERO

    Swipe and socialise: Tinder’s CEO shares how COVID-19 changed the dating game

    If you thought the pandemic has brought the art of casual encounters to a standstill, think again. No one can meet up physically but they can just ...