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  1. 4 NSF deaths

    Aloysius Pang: 4th SAF training fatality in 18 months

  2. SAF purpose built cooling pads demo

    Death of NSF Dave Lee: SAF to enhance prevention, management of heat injuries following review

    Measures such as the Arm Immersion Cooling System and the use of the purpose-built cooling pads will be extended across the Singapore Armed Forces ...
  3. Dave Lee military funeral cortege

    Death of NSF Dave Lee: COI highlights inadequate casualty management, delayed evacuation as factors

  4. Dave Lee military funeral 2

    Family, friends bid final farewell to national serviceman Dave Lee

    The 19-year-old Guardsman was laid to rest with a military funeral on Saturday (May 5).
  5. NSF death Dave Lee Han Xuan

    Chief of Army assures soldiers of thorough investigation into death of NSF Dave Lee

    In a letter addressed to fellow soldiers, Army Chief BG Goh Si Hou also said that where the army has fallen short, it will "strengthen and enforce ...