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  1. Singapore Parliament House

    Deliberate online falsehoods debate: MPs spar on need for executive action, independent body to check powers

    Mr Christopher de Souza disagrees with Workers’ Party MP Pritam Singh on whether the courts would be better placed to decide on what actions to ...
  2. supreme court

    Deliberate online falsehoods Bill: More details revealed on process to challenge decisions

    Law Minister K Shanmugam says the relevant minister must make a decision on whether to cancel his or her direction “no later than two days” after ...
  3. K Shanmugam

    New law deals specifically with online falsehoods, ‘preferable’ over amending existing ones: Shanmugam

    Law Minister K Shanmugam says the Broadcasting Act could have been given more powers via subsidiary legislation, but this would leave Government ...
  4. K Shanmugam Law and Home Affairs Minister interview in Mediacorp

    Proposed law on falsehoods has ‘clear oversight mechanism’ to prevent abuse by Government, says Shanmugam

    In an exclusive interview, the Law and Home Affairs Minister looks to address concerns that have been raised over the recently tabled Protection ...