deliberate online falsehoods

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  1. Select Committee on Online Falsehoods Mar 16

    Commentary: To tackle deliberate online falsehoods, look also to non-legislative efforts

    A gamut of measures have been suggested to the Select Committee on deliberate online falsehoods. Two experts from the Institute of Policy Studies ...
  2. Facebook's vice-president of public policy for Asia-Pacific

    ‘We made a wrong call’: Facebook says it should have informed users earlier on Cambridge Analytica breach

    Thursday’s hearing saw a lengthy exchange, which at times got heated, between Home Affairs and Law Minister K Shanmugam and Facebook's ...
  3. Facebook says it has started weeding out bogus accounts as part of efforts to rid the network of

    Use tech to help fight false information, suggest cybersecurity experts

  4. elmie

    Laws should make digital content distributors accountable for spread of falsehoods on their platforms: NUS don

    Such laws should be coupled with media literacy, and be boosted by other efforts, such as local studies to better understand how online falsehoods ...
  5. Mafindo founder

    Money, politics behind spread of falsehoods in Indonesia: Founder of anti-hoax community

    Such falsehoods have taken a toll, causing destruction and death in the country, said Mr Septiaji Eko Nugroho.
  6. Ruslan Deynychenko Select Committee

    Disinformation campaigns can create 'true armed conflict': The Ukrainian experience with Russian propaganda

    Propaganda is a “powerful weapon” which can be pointed to any country at any time, very quickly, said co-founder of Ukrainian volunteer ...
  7. ben nimmo shan

    Shanmugam, UK academic debate need for legislation to deal with fake news

    Defence disinformation analyst Ben Nimmo believes “legislation should be the last resort”. Singapore’s law and home affairs minister disagrees.
  8. select committee

    Society’s mental state a key battleground for misinformation campaigns, experts say

    “Fake news can be compared to junk food, as they are much easier (and cheaper) to take and go.”  
  9. shashi jayakumar select committee

    Fake news turning Singaporeans against each other? Could be already happening, says expert

    National security expert Dr Shashi Jayakumar proposes countermeasures such as a grassroots body, "Centre of Excellence", and doing more to teach ...