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  1. Once people connect to a rogue Wi-Fi network, the hacker could see every email they send.

    Commentary: Deterrence, retaliation and arms control - a guide to tackling information warfare

    We need to rethink our constructs of cyberdefence and draw a red line between soft power of open persuasion and the hard power of covert ...
  2. Foreign influence illustration

    Commentary: What next as the Government looks beyond disinformation in targeting foreign influence in Singapore

    As the Government develops its position on tackling foreign interference, a sharper focus could be placed on how to deal with agents, money and ...
  3. Edwin Tong

    Bill on deliberate online falsehoods could be tabled by first half of 2019: Edwin Tong

  4. Edwin Tong at fake news hearing in United Kingdom

    Facebook admits 'serious mistake' after Edwin Tong questions failure to remove hate post in Sri Lanka

  5. FILE PHOTO: Silhouettes of mobile users are seen next to a screen projection of Facebook logo in th

    Commentary: Someone needs to do something about Facebook — but what?

    Legislating against fake news is insufficient. Media literacy education — where communities play a role in distinguishing what’s fake and real — ...
  6. Man on smartphone

    Commentary: Critical thinking, a needed nutrition to resist the virus of falsehoods

    Experiences from counter-extremism efforts offer lessons that a thinking society could benefit from, says one observer from the S Rajaratnam ...
  7. Select Committee

    Select Committee’s recommendations comprehensive, but not a silver bullet to tackle fake news, say experts

    The 22 recommendations, which include a mix of legislative and non-legislative measures, from the Select Committee on Deliberate Online Falsehoods ...