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  1. K Shanmugam

    Appeals process should be 'fast', 'simple' and 'relatively inexpensive': Shanmugam on online falsehoods law

    The Law and Home Affairs Minister hopes to adopt the same approach he had outlined for the Protection from Harassment Act.
  2. There's a four-step guide to creating fake news Macedonian-style, according to trolls in Veles.

    Commentary: On falsehoods, clumsy corrections might backfire

    Corrections also cannot tackle deep-seated biases and beliefs that enabled the falsehood to thrive in the first place, says NTU Wee Kim Wee School ...
  3. Edwin Tong at Truth and Lies SMU forum

    New law tackling online falsehoods not meant to create ‘chilling effect’ in public discussions: Edwin Tong

    The Senior Minister of State for Law and Health did say that more effort should be put into helping the public better understand what is a false ...
  4. A man types on a keyboard

    Internet trade body, Facebook ‘concerned’ over proposed law targeting online falsehoods

    The Asia Internet Coalition says the law gives the Singapore Government full discretion over what is considered true or false, and “this level of ...
  5. New Content Item

    Regulating online falsehoods is ‘new area’ for Singapore Government, says S Iswaran

    The new Bill will help the Government take appropriate action against online falsehoods that harms public interest, but everyone plays a part to ...
  6. There's a four-step guide to creating fake news Macedonian-style, according to trolls in Veles.

    FAQ: How will the new law stop deliberate online falsehoods from spreading?

    From correction orders to take-downs, we look at the levers to stem the spread of online falsehoods.
  7. Man looking at the computer screen with head rested on hand.

    Singapore proposes multi-pronged law to combat online falsehoods

    The Protection from Online Falsehoods and Manipulation Bill sets out the tools when falsehoods surface, such as issuing correction directions or, ...
  8. The Pulse
    Media playtime

    1 Feb 2019: That awkward conversation we need to have with Facebook

    Fight disinformation, restore trust and play fair. Are we expecting too much from Facebook? Were Facebook’s recent sweeping plans to regulate ...
  9. Once people connect to a rogue Wi-Fi network, the hacker could see every email they send.

    Commentary: Deterrence, retaliation and arms control - a guide to tackling information warfare

    We need to rethink our constructs of cyberdefence and draw a red line between soft power of open persuasion and the hard power of covert ...