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  1. Illustration photo of the Australia Amazon site

    UK watchdog opens formal probe of Amazon Deliveroo deal

    Britain's competition regulator said on Wednesday it had launched a formal investigation into Inc's investment in food delivery company ...
  2. A biker, wearing a Deliveroo food courier backpack, demonstrates during a call on clients to boycot

    Deliveroo quits Germany to focus on other markets

    Food delivery service Deliveroo will end its operations in Germany on August 16 and instead turn its attention to other markets, a spokesman ...
  3. Deliveroo selected neighbourhoods

    Sandwich sharing economy: Give your Deliveroo rider a free Burger King burger

    The one-day "Burger For Your Rider" giveaway lets 10 customers treat their riders to an a la carte burger on Jun 6. Karma points not included.
  4. Deliveroo Food Market 1

    Deliveroo debuts digital dining concept at latest Editions outlet

    This is the first Deliveroo Editions outlet with a proper dine-in option, and will feature food from restaurants like NamNam and Omakase Burger.