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  1. A man casts his vote for the European Parliament elections at a polling station in Rome

    Democracy falls short for people around the world: Survey

    Only half of the world's population thinks their country is democratic, a survey published on Tuesday found, with many Western Europeans viewing ...
  2. FILE PHOTO: Hundreds of thousands of people fill Beijing's central Tiananmen Square

    Commentary: The ghost of Tiananmen Square hovers over a 'fragile superpower' even after 30 years

    The Tiananmen Square crisis in Beijing was the first time a popular uprising in a long-isolated country was broadcast live around the world, says ...
  3. Sudan unrest

    Sudanese military and opposition resume talks after street violence

  4. A newspaper stand selling The Capital in Annapolis

    Commentary: As local news outlets close, US voters become more partisan

    The decline of local newspaper in the US and the nationalisation of political news are polarising public debate, researchers points out.
  5. FILE PHOTO: Pro-democracy activists pose outside a court in Hong Kong

    Hong Kong democracy leaders defiant as landmark trial wraps up

    Hong Kong democracy leaders pledged on Friday to sustain their fight for full democracy at the end of a month-long trial that could see them ...
  6. FILE PHOTO: A man reads tweets on his phone in front of a displayed Twitter logo in Bordeaux, south

    Commentary: Hate speech is still easy to find on social media

    Some come in the form of images with hateful text that are harder for algorithms to identify, but no less dangerous or harmful, says one observer.
  7. New Content Item

    Brazil's Haddad - Democracy at risk if Bolsonaro elected president

  8. s korea rally 1

    Commentary: What would Seoul look like if Park Geun-hye wasn't impeached?

    President Moon Jae-in is determined to deepens and reinforce civilian authority over security forces, which is a healthy exercise of democracy in ...
  9. New Content Item

    Commentary: Unable to call the Rohingya by name, Pope Francis’ visit to Myanmar sends mixed messages

    Pope Francis’ highly anticipated visit to Myanmar strengthens ties between the Vatican and Myanmar and cheers on the country’s Catholic minority ...