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  1. Depression

    Commentary: Schizophrenia, a life increasingly detached from reality

    Recovery from mental illness is a process of finding meaning and purpose in life, says one IMH peer support specialist who discusses her struggle ...
  2. Bipolar disorder, highs and lows

    Commentary: Living with bipolar disorder, trudging through life's highs and lows

    A complex illness, bipolar disorder affects 1.2 per cent of Singaporeans but those who live with the disease have reason for optimism, says one ...
  3. Kim Jong hyun Jun Tae soo

    Commentary: Fame and fortune doesn’t make you immune to depression

    The deaths of Korean pop stars Jun Tae-soo and Kim Jong-hyun have raised questions about depression. No one is immune from this mental illness, ...
  4. Depression

    Depression caused by job loss or changes warrants attention

  5. Depression

    How to tell if someone has depression

  6. Wedding

    Marriage and close friends may save you from dementia: Study

  7. Mindfulness

    What is mindfulness? Nobody really knows and that’s a problem

  8. When anxiety masks a mediacl problem

    When anxiety or depression masks a medical problem

    Depression can be an early sign of an underlying medical condition not yet recognised such as thyroid disease, heart attack, cancers of the lung ...