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    Bringing photos to dermatology appointments can help

  2. Youthful skin

    Indoor tanning may trigger gene mutation that boosts melanoma risk

  3. Youthful skin

    Forever young: Study uncovers protein that keeps skin youthful

  4. Back acne bacne (1)

    Got back acne? Don't sweat it. Here’s how the fitspo crowd can get it off their backs

    Perspiration and tight workout clothes, especially compression wear and sports bras, may be the cause of your back acne or bacne. Find out what ...
  5. Irritated skin

    Commentary: Low self-esteem, depression and frequent flare-ups plague growing numbers of eczema sufferers

    As a society, we must overcome the shameful stigma that those who suffer from eczema bear, says dermatologist Dr Joyce Lim.
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    Dermatology patient advocacy groups may not disclose conflicts

  7. how to treat adult acne singapore dermatologist CNA Lifestyle main

    Adult acne: Is it time to see a dermatologist for a problem that isn't going away?

    When it’s not simply a couple of spots that you’re dealing with, calling in the experts early could save your skin. Yes, even as an adult.
  8. chan see ting 1

    ‘It’s not just hair loss’: One woman's triumph over alopecia areata

    Chan See Ting enjoys dressing up and looking good. But when she lost all her hair, she learnt valuable lessons of faith, courage and identity.