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    MINDEF Internet system breach detected within weeks: Ong Ye Kung

    The Second Minister for Defence, citing industry reports, says that it takes an average of 150 days, or five months, before a breach is discovered ...
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    Singapore develops quick diagnostic tools to deal with chemical attacks

    Defence research organisation DSO National Laboratories has developed a tool that uses weather data to inform decisions to move the public away ...
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    LTA to test drones, driverless vehicles for tunnel inspections

    The use of these technologies could improve the accuracy of inspections and also free up engineers' time, allowing them to focus on analysing the ...
  4. China fake branded food

    No fake food products from China detected in Singapore: AVA

    "Imported food products are regularly inspected and sampled for testing to ensure compliance with our food safety standards and requirements," ...
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    Helicopters bound for Riau, Kalimantan to control forest fires: Report

    Hotspots have been detected this week in some Riau regencies, according to local reports.
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    Toxic chemicals detected at Tokyo's new fish market site

    High levels of toxic chemicals were found in groundwater tests at a new facility scheduled to replace Tokyo's Tsukiji fish market - the world's ...
  7. Work begins at a poultry farm in Kawaminami, Miyazaki Prefecture, southwestern Japan to bury chicke

    New Japan bird flu outbreak brings fresh cull of chickens

    Tackling Japan's sixth outbreak since end-November, Kyushu authorities said they will gas just over 120,000 chickens after the H5 virus was ...
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    319 HIV cases reported in first 10 months of 2016

    Of these, the Health Ministry analysed 206 cases reported in the first six months, and found that 94 per cent of the new cases were male.
  9. (nc) ConnectedLife wireless sensor elderly

    Wireless sensor technology to help keep an eye on elderly residents

    The new technology has sensors that can detect movements as well as track sleeping patterns such as snoring and breathing. It also has a remote ...
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    Broadband service outages due to DDoS attacks: StarHub

    StarHub says the cyber attacks were "unprecedented in scale, nature and complexity".