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  1. FiroShield scientists

    NTU, JTC develop fire-resistant coating product

  2. HDB flats

    Commentary: Active government oversight has reduced Singapore's income inequality

    Singapore's income inequality has narrowed over the past 17 years. But this is largely a product of government intervention in the form of taxes ...
  3. Othman Wok TODAY file photo

    Othman Wok was a multiracial icon: Yaacob Ibrahim

    "He's always reminded us not to forget to continue to be tolerant and understanding of one another and live peacefully with each other," says ...
  4. New Content Item

    New office to help get Singapore ready for digital society

    The digital readiness programme office is just one of the initiatives revealed during the Ministry of Communications and Information's workplan ...
  5. New Content Item

    Driverless buses to be rolled out on Singapore's roads by 2020

    This announcement comes after the Land Transport Agency signed a partnership agreement with ST Kinetics to develop and trial these buses.
  6. New Content Item

    Scientists develop material which could lead to 'self-healing' smartphones

    Researchers have developed a stretchable, transparent material which can not only heal itself, but also stretch up to 50 times its normal size - ...
  7. PHQ 1001 Khasiat Penawar Herba Qaeh Serata Herbent

    HSA issues alert on product that contains undeclared potent ingredients

    A consumer developed diabetes and serious steroid-induced side effects after taking the product called PHQ 1001 Khasiat Penawar Herba Qaeh Serata ...
  8. New Content Item

    Singapore develops quick diagnostic tools to deal with chemical attacks

    Defence research organisation DSO National Laboratories has developed a tool that uses weather data to inform decisions to move the public away ...
  9. NTU Schaeffler

    NTU, Schaeffler jointly set up lab to develop personal mobility devices

    The lab, which has a combined funding of S$5 million over three years, will research various aspects of personal urban mobility and intelligent ...
  10. Durian

    Durian-flavoured Kit Kat? Thai tourism ministry smells an opportunity

    If the new Kit Kat flavour becomes reality, it is hoped that it will increase tourist spending by 10 per cent, Thailand's Minister of Tourism and ...