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  1. Lin Heung Tea House is one of Hong Kong's oldest teahouses serving traditional dim sum.

    Commentary: A vanishing century-old tea house in Hong Kong, as heritage gives way to wealth

    The tea house is set to close in end February, because the landlord has refused to renew its lease, in a district that increasingly caters to the ...
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    Commentary: Billions spent on aid and development but what has been achieved?

    Making every development dollar count requires us to take a good hard look at how much benefit each intervention programme reaps and prioritise ...
  3. Sentosa Gateway Sentosa Express

    Sentosa Island, Pulau Brani development plans in the works

  4. Singapore CBD

    Commentary: The world is less unequal today but progress brings new challenges, unfinished business

    Preserving peaceful relations in an era of rapid shifts in relative power is tough, says Martin Wolf from the Financial Times.
  5. Asia Default Image

    Building bridges between Laos and Thailand for better lives

    Laos overcomes its land-locked geography with overland cross-border infrastructure, boosting interconnectivity between countries in Southeast Asia.
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    Commentary: How should Singapore decide what to conserve?

    In our continued chase for growth and development, we should take a more consultative approach to decide what to conserve, argues Singapore ...
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    ASIA’S FUTURE CITIES: Phnom Penh's development offers uncertain future for the urban poor

    As Phnom Penh grows and develops, poorer residents are running out of room as big development projects replace the places they call home.