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  1. Ep 3
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    Ep 3: Bangladesh: The Price Of Freedom

    Has Bangladesh overcome the challenges of its troubled past 50 years on?
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    Ep 1: Bangladesh's Delta Disaster

    We investigate why thirds of the low-lying plains of Bangladesh go under water by monsoon floods, turning millions of residents into climate refugees.
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    Ep 23: Poverty In Asia: Bangladesh

    With the coronavirus pandemic hitting Bangladesh hard, millions of the country’s poor are slipping back into destitution. The health crisis ...
  4. Dead bodies are seen piled up on a boat after a passenger ferry capsized

    Bangladesh ferry accident kills at least 23

    At least 23 ferry passengers were killed in the Bangladesh capital Dhaka on Monday (Jun 29) when the vessel sank after a collision, officials said.
  5. Bangladesh cricketeer

    Bangladesh cricketers arrive home after Christchurch massacre

    The Bangladesh cricket team arrived home in Dhaka on Saturday (Mar 16), a day after narrowly escaping the mosque attack that killed 49 people in ...