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    The costly, life-disrupting consequences of poor diabetes care

    At least three out of four diabetics do not adequately control the four major factors that increase the risk of serious complications: Blood ...
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    What’s the link between diabetes and flu?

    Most of us are familiar with health risks related to diabetes, like kidney disease and vision problems. Yet, many are not aware that living with ...
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    Commentary: It's better to exercise before breakfast

    Exercising before breakfast may lead to improved insulin response and increased fat burning, says an expert.
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    US FDA approves AstraZeneca's diabetes drug for treating heart failure risk

    AstraZeneca Plc said on Monday U.S. regulators approved its diabetes drug Farxiga to be used as a treatment to reduce the chances of ...
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    Commentary: Mandatory nutrition labels? The bitter truths about our sugar problem

    False assumptions and fixed mindsets are the root issues behind our diabetes problem. Will the new nutrition labels fix these? Ian Tan explores ...
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    Manufacturers supportive of new regulations for pre-packaged sweetened drinks