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  1. The logo of Danish multinational pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk is pictured on the facade of a

    Novo Nordisk submits diabetes pill for US approval

    Novo Nordisk has submitted its oral semaglutide drug, a pill it hopes will transform the diabetes market, for U.S. approval.
  2. New Content Item

    Diabetics more likely to report back pain

  3. Cans of soda are displayed at Kwik Stops Liquor in San Diego

    Sugary drink tax tied to drop in soda consumption

    People in Berkeley, California, dramatically cut their soda consumption after the city implemented a "soda tax," a new study suggests.
  4. Diabetes blood sugar level

    Diabetes tied to risk for more advanced, aggressive breast cancer

  5. Diabetes blood sugar level

    Diabetes does not appear to affect children's test scores: Study

  6. FILE PHOTO: A person receives a test for diabetes during Care Harbor LA free medical clinic in Los

    Experimental phone app works with insulin pumps to control diabetes

  7. File photo of sweet drinks

    Commentary: Want to fight the sugar problem? Start counting calories

    It’s easier to cut down on our sugar intake if we know how many calories each beverage we intend to consume has, says weight loss author Ian Tan.
  8. FILE PHOTO: A paramedic checks the blood sugar level of a patient at SS Diabetes Care clinic in Jak

    Soluble fibre may improve diabetes control: Study

  9. File photo of person checking blood sugar level

    Rotavirus vaccination tied to lower rates of type 1 diabetes

  10. alchemy food

    Food-tech lab innovating with lower GI rice and bread to tackle diabetes