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  1. Ep 9
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    Ep 9: Green Wheels In Motion

    2040 is Singapore's deadline to phase out internal combustion engines. Right now, only about five per cent of vehicles in Singapore are "green" - ...
  2. The VW logo is seen at the site of the first hearing of a consumer group's class action suit

    Volkswagen's electric SUV opens a new front against Tesla

    German prosecutors said on Wednesday they had charged another eight employees of auto maker Volkswagen over the scandal surrounding cheating on ...
  3. The logo of German carmaker Volkswagen is seen on a rim cap in a showroom of a Volkswagen car deale

    US consumers received US$9.8 billion in Volkswagen diesel settlements

    The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) said on Monday that buyers of polluting Volkswagen AG vehicles received more than US$9.8 billion in settlements.
  4. The Volkswagen logo is seen on a vehicle at the New York Auto Show in New York

    US court refuses to shield Volkswagen in diesel scandal lawsuits

    A U.S. appeals court ruled Monday Volkswagen AG may face "enormous" additional liability in the "Dieselgate" scandal finding that two counties can ...
  5. FILE PHOTO: Hearing over VW diesel emissions cheating scandal, in Braunschweig

    German court ends diesel case against Volkswagen CEO, Chairman

    A German court said on Wednesday it was ending proceedings against the chairman and chief executive of Volkswagen AG after the carmaker agreed to ...
  6. FILE PHOTO: LA Auto Show in Los Angeles

    Volkswagen reaches deal with consumer group over diesel scandal: court

    Volkswagen and a major German consumer group have reached an agreement in a class action lawsuit over the carmaker's rigging of diesel emissions ...
  7. LA Auto Show in Los Angeles

    Volkswagen diesel settlement talks with German consumer groups fail

    Volkswagen said talks with consumer groups who were seeking compensation over excessive pollution, caused by VW's diesel cars, had failed.
  8. Daimler AG's annual news conference in Stuttgart

    Daimler warns 2019 profits to halve as problems deepen

    German luxury car maker Daimler on Wednesday warned that its 2019 earnings before interest and tax slumped to 5.6 billion euros (US$6.2 billion) ...
  9. FILE PHOTO: Paris Auto Show

    Daimler sued for US$1 billion in German court over diesel cheating

    Investors have sued Daimler for 896 million euros (US$1 billion) in a regional court in Stuttgart, accusing the carmaker of concealing its use of ...