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  1. city can you exercise too much heart issues CNA Lifestyle

    Commentary: What your New Year’s resolutions need is a clear purpose

    New Year's resolutions are often no more than good ideas that last a few weeks. But there are three ways to change that, say two University of ...
  2. Catering food generic

    Commentary: The 'variety effect' explains why we overeat most Christmas holidays

    Variety may be the spice of life, but it can also make you pile on the pounds, says Swansea University’s Laura Wilkinson.
  3. A child eating.

    Commentary: When is your child’s fussy eating a serious medical problem?

    Avoidant/Restrictive Food Intake Disorder afflicts many adults and needs medical intervention. Before that happens, you can take some steps to ...
  4. Japanese Prime Minister Abe is seen during a meeting with Russian President Putin at the sidelines

    Commentary: Japan PM Shinzo Abe has an unfinished political legacy

    Does Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's record success at the ballot box translated into proof of leadership ability? The record looks mixed, ...
  5. Snacks (Photo: Pixabay)

    Commentary: Distracted snacking could put your health and waistline at risk

    Most people do not realise how easy it is to over-consume calories while snacking, says an expert.
  6. Exercise fitness tracker

    Commentary: Obsessing over how many steps you’ve clocked can be unhealthy

    A small body of research has started to explore how fitness trackers and calorie counting apps might be linked to disordered eating and exercise, ...
  7. heart attack

    Commentary: The silent heart attack, and why Singaporeans don’t realise they’re having one

    People who suffer a silent heart attack don’t get help because they don’t realise they have a problem, says Nobel Heart Centre’s Dr Leow Khang Leng.
  8. wooden disposable chopsticks

    Commentary: Salt, China’s deadly food habit

    Most salt consumed in China comes from the salt added while cooking, Monique Tan, PhD researcher at Queen Mary University London, points out.
  9. Chinese New Year over-indulgence eating

    Commentary: Intermittent fasting – with so many types, what the best approach is

    Some versions of intermittent fasting may not be as effective as others if you're looking to lose weight, says lecturer in nutrition at Nottingham ...