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  1. wooden disposable chopsticks

    Commentary: Salt, China’s deadly food habit

    Most salt consumed in China comes from the salt added while cooking, Monique Tan, PhD researcher at Queen Mary University London, points out.
  2. Chinese New Year over-indulgence eating

    Commentary: Intermittent fasting – with so many types, what the best approach is

    Some versions of intermittent fasting may not be as effective as others if you're looking to lose weight, says lecturer in nutrition at Nottingham ...
  3. chicken nugget

    Commentary: That processed food is causing you to gain weight

    It takes us far longer to chew through a whole orange with its intact food matrix than it does to gulp down the equivalent calories as orange ...
  4. Hero Camel Milk (Jasper Loh)

    Camel milk could be the future of dairy. Are you ready for a camelcino?

    Beyond its trendiness with adventurous urbanites, some believe that camel milk could be the future of dairy farming in the developing world as ...
  5. Brunch

    Commentary: Can eating certain foods make you smarter?

    A healthy diet is not only the key to maintaining physical health; it also plays a critical role in our cognitive functions, the University of New ...
  6. annie-spratt-102808-unsplash

    What The World’s Richest Eat: Deciphering The Billionaire Diet

    Which side are you on?
  7. Toddler drinking milk bottle

    Commentary: Babies with healthier diets are more active, sleep better

    Researchers at Swansea University found that diet matters when it comes to bringing up active kids.
  8. Skip meals lose weight diabetes gastritis junk food bad breath muscle mass (4)

    Commentary: Mindful eating can help you lose weight

    Paying more attention to the food we eat can help those struggling with their diets to better identify between "good" and "bad" foods, says ...
  9. A butcher arranges pieces of meat at his shop in Marseille, France

    Eating lots of meat tied to higher risk of liver disease

    People who eat a lot of animal protein may be more likely to have excessive fat in their livers and a higher risk of liver disease than ...
  10. Real Weight control, try portion control

    Real weight control is all about portion control, not fad diets

    If you're serious about losing or maintaining weight, learn the size of a healthful portion and treat restaurant servings as enough for two or more.