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  1. HDL Cholesterol Too Much of a Good Thing

    HDL cholesterol: Too much of a good thing?

    As with many other good things in life, this usually helpful protein is best in moderation.
  2. Optimal diet for humans food fruit vegetables

    Is there an optimal diet for humans? The answer seems to be 'no'

    A study of modern hunter-gatherer groups found that they exhibit generally excellent metabolic health while consuming a wide range of diets.
  3. You can eat more christmas cookies than you think

    Commentary: You can enjoy more Christmas treats than you think

    Take a cookie without guilt this Christmas, but only if you know your caloric benchmark, say two observers.
  4. File photo of fruits and vegetables

    More evidence fruits and greens can be good for the brain

  5. Vegan Salad Bowl

    Commentary: Why do vegans have such bad reputations?

    In the US, nearly half feel negatively towards vegetarians, according to one study.
  6. person eating burger

    Commentary: Some people overeat when upset

    Emotional eaters should seek to manage their emotions to avoid overeating, observers say.
  7. Fig salad

    Commentary: All salads good for you? Some weight loss myths must be debunked

    Avoid these common food mistakes if you’re trying to lose weight, say two observers.
  8. File photo of fruits and vegetables

    Diet rich in fruits and vegetables tied to fewer menopause symptoms

  9. Common Food Myths Busted

    Busted: 7 common diet myths

    In an age of information overload, one will be forgiven for being confused about healthy eating. We help you sort through the facts.
  10. woman eating burger and drinking coke

    Commentary: Just because you're thin doesn't mean you're healthy

    Your diet, not your body weight, is the best indicator of internal well-being, says one observer.